captain marvel big game spotCaptain Marvel. It’s what everyone is seeing this weekend, right? It’s totally fitting that Captain Marvel is officially released on International Woman’s Day. She is the first female to take the lead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU). But if you are reading this, I am sure you are looking for information about this movie and what I thought. I was invited to a special screening earlier this week so I could share what I thought with you. In a nutshell….

Go see Captain Marvel.

Take everyone you know with you. But should you take the littlest people in your life? What do you need to know before seeing this movie? And will I dish any spoilers? Should you even be reading this? Let’s tackle that question first.

No Spoilers.

I promise. It will be hard to talk about the plot or anything really to do with this movie without giving something away. I will not chat about any particular scene or give anything away.

What do you need to know to see this movie?

Absolutely nothing. Other than Captain Marvel is a girl(Brie Larson). This movie is set in the 90’s, so it is the beginning stages of the MCU. Count on a LOT of 90’s nostalgia. It will completely go over your children’s heads, but you will get a great laugh. If you are a Marvel fan, this movie will give you a great look into the backstory. And if you are a new Marvel fan, you will want to watch the other movies after this one.

Why did I like Captain Marvel?

I find that I enjoy Marvel movies because while they are action packed, they are also fun. These are actually entertaining movies. There is a storyline. You can connect to these super heroes. Captain Marvel is no exception. While I have not read the comics(don’t hate me), I feel that by the end of the movie, I know what is going on and I feel comfortable seeing them again or wanting more. I left the theater feeling good, knowing that I cannot wait for my neurotic Disney kid (NDK) to see this one. There are many positive messages in this one.

Is Captain Marvel safe for kids?

I feel that this question is so subjective, but I understand. NDK did not enjoy action movies for the longest time. Even some Pixar movies had her sobbing. So let’s talk about Captain Marvel. This could be spoiler-ish, so if you do not have kids, scroll on….

Captain Marvel is rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and brief suggestive language.

But what does that really boil down to?

There is a lot of action in this movie: aliens, alien wars, shootings, car crashes, fighting. Quite a few moments that could be overwhelming on a large screen for a little one. If your child has seen any of the Avengers movies, you are totally safe. Captain Marvel is on the lower end of the violence scale. As for language, there are a few colorful words, but nothing of noteworthy “shock” value. There are no romantic innuendos or anything of that nature, just one scene during the alien autopsy that will go over most heads.

The message this movie send home is far more beneficial than these few instances.

The take-away from all of this.

Brie Larson Captain Marvel Brazil CCXPDo not give up. Ever. No matter how many people stand in front of you and tell you to “give it up,” just don’t listen. Believe in your dream and don’t ever stop believing in it. Captain Marvel didn’t “dream” of being a superhero as a child. There were many flashbacks to her childhood. Since this movie is set in the 90’s, she was a child in the late 70’s-early 80’s. This was a hard time for women and girls. We were expected to do “girl things” and be ladylike all of the time. Being ladylike did not involve playing certain sports or pursuing certain careers. The movie does show her getting knocked down, a lot. And every time, a man stood over her telling her she “shouldn’t be doing this.” But every time that happens, she picks herself back up, with a smile, and TRIES AGAIN.

This is so important for our younger generation to see. But I’m not going to lie, it was good for me to see too! It was a great reminder to “keep on keeping on” and never give up. There are plenty of days where you may feel overwhelmed or that you just aren’t doing something right. But we have to get back up and keep trying. We have to have faith and hope.

Captain Marvel Character PostersBut the one important part that needs to be noted is that this doesn’t have to be a “girl power” movie. This message can apply to ANYONE. Be a good human, support others and do your best. Always pursue your dreams no matter who puts you down.

Stay through ALL the credits.

It’s a Marvel movie. Stay until the very end. Like when the screen goes black and the house lights come back on. There are two scenes you will not want to miss!

What about Stan Lee?

Is this a spoiler? Maybe I shouldn’t tell you. I will tell you do NOT be late to your seats. There is a beautiful tribute just before the movie starts. It was very moving and the audience applauded when we saw it. There is a great video from the red carpet with Marvel President Kevin Feige that does explain Stan Lee if you are interested.

What others are saying

I have seen quite a few reviews that have bashed Captain Marvel for basically the same reason – forced messages. I did not feel that “girl power” was necessarily forced down my throat in this film. But the film is heavily centered on Captain Marvel saving the day(not a spoiler). And that could be perceived as “forceful.” The movie could have easily been a male lead, and not much would have changed. This is true. But the lead was a strong female, who did emphasize that what she did was near impossible for a woman in the 90’s. I do believe that the message sent to young girls that dedication and hard work can get you anywhere is important, regardless.

I definitely encourage you to go see this movie. Also, come back and tell me what you thought! You can find me on Twitter @disdrivenlife or on Facebook   or just leave a comment below 🙂


What do you think?

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