wilmas way home wilma mankillerHi guys! Today I’m back with another book review and I am excited to share Wilma’s Way Home, The Life Of Wilma Mankiller by Doreen Rappaport. Illustrated by Linda Kukuk, this is a beautiful picture book about Wilma Mankiller and her amazing life as a Cherokee. With quotes from Wilma Mankiller and Doreen Rappaport’s amazing storytelling skills, this is an awesome book involving a lot of history that you will not want to miss.

  • Wilma’s Way Home, The Life of Wilma Mankiller
  • Page Count: 48 * Available now

Wilma Mankiller was the first female Cherokee Chief. She was a leader and an advocate for the Native American community that she lived in. She struggled through many hardships but still kept strong, and worked to help so many others.

This nonfiction picture book is great for all ages. The illustrations are amazing watercolors with many details. Wilma’s story is so important for everyone to know. She stood up for what she believed in, even though many people were against her being a chief. She believed that she could do anything.

The back of the book has notes from the author and illustrator and the research they did for this book. There is also an Important Events Timeline that shares events from Wilma’s life. There are a few Cherokee terms that are used in the book. The Pronunciation Guide in the back will help you to properly pronounce the word, and also explain what it means. If you want to learn more about Wilma and her life, there is a list of other resources as well.

I enjoyed reading this book SO much! I had not heard of WIlma Mankiller before this book. Now that I know who she is, I want to learn more about her! She is a very inspiring Cherokee woman who did a lot of amazing things to help her community.

I’m NDK and this is my review!

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