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NDU #6, DVC Member, D23 Charter Member, Disney fan, Broadway fan, and TV junkie! Recent runDisney fanatic! Instagram: markymarc_70 Favorite park: Magic Kingdom Growing up as a child, of course I watched Disney animated movies. But it wasn't until my first visit to Walt Disney World as a young adult, that I fell in love with Disney. Since then the love as spread from just the parks and TV & movies to how I visit (current Passholder and DVC Member), to running (runDisney), and to Broadway (Lion King, Mary Poppins, Newsies, Aladdin, etc.) But the biggest impact Disney has had on me is the people it has brought into my life. Friendships I treasure with all my heart. Some friends have become more like my Ohana (my family). For this I will forever be grateful.

Spring is officially here and and with it comes some Disney classics that will brighten everyone’s day. Turner Classic Movies is again proud to present Treasures from the Disney Vault on Monday, March 25th starting at 8pm. If you are an animal lover, then you are in luck because they take center stage. So whether you attempt to stay up all night and watch or set your DVR to record these classics, please enjoy. Check out the full Treasures from the Disney Vault schedule below.

treasures disney vault spring 20198:00PM Elmer Elephant (1936)
8:15PM The African Lion (1955)
9:30PM Charlie, The Lonesome Cougar (1967)
11:00PM The Yellowstone Cubs (1963)
12:00AM The Country Cousin (1936)
12:15AM The Wild Country (1971)
2:00AM Cheetah (1989)
3:30AM Benji The Hunted (1987)
5:00AM The Bears and I (1974)


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