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Disney Books has released a few new books based on Dumbo, that adorable flying elephant. But these new Dumbo books are based on the new live-action movie directed by Tim Burton.  The movie will be released March 29, 2019.  These books are perfect to get you ready for the new movie. This remake of Dumbo, while not quite the same as the original, it is still a good story. So, as they say in the circus, let’s get on with the show!

  • Dumbo Circus of DreamsDumbo, Circus Of Dreams

    • Written by Kari Sutherland
    • page count: 320 * ages: 8-12 years old

“Twelve-year-old Milly Farrier leaned against the grimy window of the train’s passenger car as it rolled through the plains of whichever state they were in now.”

The moment I opened the book, that first sentence instantly drew me into the story. Kari Sutherland uses a lot of details, which helps imagine the scenes and makes you feel as if you are a part of the story. This book is sad and happy; it’s everything you need to make a good story. You will most likely smile and cry throughout this book. I know that if you are a fan of Dumbo, you will like this book, even though the story has its twists and turns from the original.

Milly and Joe Farrier are not your average 12 and 8 year old children living in the 1920s. They live in a circus, the Medici Bros. Circus. Their father, Holt, just returned from the war, with one arm missing. He takes it as a big blow to learn that his wife, Annie, had recently died. What is he to do? Holt and Annie use to be Stallion Stars, the best horse riders. The ringmaster does not want Holt to continue his act, fearing he will scare the children with his missing arm.

How will the show survive?

Enter Dumbo, the elephant with too-big ears. His mother, Mrs. Jumbo, is very fond of him, unlike the rest of the circus. Then, an accident happens. People are hurt. Utter chaos. Because of all of these events, Milly and Joe find out Dumbo has a hidden talent. Flying! Medici Bros. decide to use this in a new act. They have never been so successful. Mr. Vandevere, owner and founder of Dreamland – the most amazing circus in history – is also amazed by this elephant. He wants that flying elephant for himself. Proposals are proposed; deals are made. It almost seems too good to be true. Maybe it is.

There are many flashbacks in this story. They tell how the acts of the circus came to be: Miss Atlantis, their mermaid; Pramesh and his snake act; Rongo, the strongman. I feel these help explain more about the characters in the story, which really helps you to understand and connect with them.  I really enjoy knowing the backstories of characters in stories, so this was most definitely a great feature of this book.

 Two beautiful picture books have also been released, one based on the original version and one based on the new version. I am so glad I get to share these two picture books with you.

  • Dumbo ReadAlong Storybook and CDDumbo, A Read-Along Storybook and CD
    • page count: 32 * ages: 6-8
    • available now

First up is our read-along adventure. Dumbo, A Read-Along Story, is based on the original movie, made in 1941. A quick story with a cool CD with cool sound effects and voices courtesy of Gregg Bissonette as Mr. Stork, Barbara Dirickson as Catty the Elephant, and Chris Edgerly as Timothy Q. Mouse. While not the original cast, they still sound amazing. This is the perfect bedtime story for your little ones.

I enjoy the read-along stories. The narration is word-for-word, so this would be helpful for kids learning how to read.

  • Dumbo Live Action Picture BookDumbo Live Action Picture Book
    • written by Calliope Glass
    • page count: 40 * ages: 3-5 years old

Dumbo by Calliope Glass is a beautifully illustrated children’s book based on the new live-action remake. Still as amazing as the original, this book is an amazing read, even for older kids like me. With illustrations by Dominic Carola and Ryan Feltman, you will be drawn to this book. I know I was!

While this is a Tim Burton movie, this picture book does not reflect any intense, or Tim Burton-like scenes. The images are happy and child friendly. There are a few sad scenes, but the images are all happy and age appropriate. This Dumbo picture book would be a perfect bedtime story for your little ones.

I recommend these three enthralling Dumbo books to huge Disney fans who would love to see what the new live-action remake is like! Make sure you read these books before you see the movie. Be sure to check out the FREE DUMBO PRINTABLES we shared!

I’m NDK, and these are my reviews!

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