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I awoke the other morning with a Facebook notification from my friend, Jessie, who recently moved to North Carolina. Thinking it must be a “Facebook Memory” or something similar, I made a cup of tea and grabbed my glasses. I mentally prepared myself for a flashback of what I was certain to be a sweet picture of our children when they were little.

I was totally wrong.

The notification was for a note that she shared, but it was not written by her at all. Instead, it was a poem penned by her 10 year old daughter, Parker. Now, this was not just any poem. It was a poem about her love for Disney. I think I may have even teared up reading this poem, because who doesn’t feel the same way? I knew after reading this, you should, too! With Parker’s and her mother’s permission, I am happy to share this with you.

Please enjoy Parker’s poem, and leave her a comment below! She was giddy with excitement that I wanted to share her work. I’m sure she would love to hear how much you love Disney too! I am fairly certain she qualifies as a neurotic Disney kid 🙂

The Love of Disney - Parker R

photo courtesy of Jessie R. in NC

The Love of Disney

By Parker R., Age 10

Disney is my favorite thing.
It makes my heart go DING DING!

I love Mickey. I love that mouse.
I wish he lived here with me in my house.

I want to live in Walt Disney World.
I’d go to the B-B boutique to get my hair curled.

I’d live with my favorite princess.
Who can you guess?
She lives under the sea;
Who could she be?

My everyday snack wouldn’t be far,
A yummy Mickey Mouse Ice-Cream bar!

Every time I’d see Mickey,
We’d dance together with glee.

Me and Donald – we’d do something right.
We’d party all day and party all night!

I love the music, I love the sounds.
When music plays, I’d always turn around.

Mickey is my hero, Minnie is so sweet.
Every time I’d see them, I would hug them when we meet.

Hello, magic. Hello, fun.
Disney is for kids, but mostly everyone.

High-ho, high-ho. It’s off to fun I go. In a mine. In a mine.
Where a million Mickey heads… SHINE!

Disney’s for everyone, just you wait and see!
Walt Disney, FYI, your biggest fan is always going to be me.

I want to tell the world all about this man.
Now, you see, I am his most humongous fan!

When I grow up, I’m going to work at Disney. Hee hee!
I’ll take videos there, you see. A Disney blogger is the best thing to be!

What do you think?

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