I promise there are NO spoilers in this review. I also promise not to talk about anything particular. What I will share is my nervousness before watching Toy Story 4, and my feelings after the movie. 

Nine years ago, I sat in a movie theater with my toddler and cried like I had never cried in a movie before. Toy Story 3 was so heart-wrenching, over-the-top “my life at that moment,” I never watched that movie again.  I had older children: 19, 16 and 15 years old.  They grew up with the Toy Story franchise. Watching Andy give his beloved friends to Bonnie was like watching my kids do the same with their younger sister. Toy Story 3 was a huge eye-opener that my older children were “officially” grown up. The movie was way too much for this overly-emotional momma.

With that being said, flash-forward nine years – and Toy Story 4 is here. I would be lying to you if I told you that I was excited about this one. It’s nine years later.  My toddler is now a tween. And while she still has favorite “friends” she will not part with, the tween years are a time of transition. Some things are changing, and some things are being passed down to younger children that she knows. My heart was not ready for this. She’s the baby of the house. I was not ready for another slap-in-the-face dose of reality. My neurotic Disney kid(NDK) on the other hand? She was counting the days to see this one.

We saw Toy Story 4 last night – “we” being myself, NDK, and my oldest daughter. Before it started, we talked about how I was not excited about this – I was scared. Bo Peep is back, and the possibilities of what could happen were endless. Reviews spoke highly of the movie, but I was still apprehensive. My older daughter said, “Mom, you have a different standard when it comes to these movies.” While I’m not exactly sure what that is supposed to mean, I just know I  want an entertaining movie – one that doesn’t hit you in the gut at the same moment real-life is hitting you in that same place. Am I right?

The movie started, and I was in tears before the title track was over. But it was ok, the opening wasn’t gut-wrenching. I spent the rest of the 100 minutes completely engaged in this movie. I laughed, I cried, I cringed. Toy Story 4 hits so many levels of emotion. And it all plays out in a way that you feel good at the end of the movie. Are there sad parts? Definitely. But the level of closure that comes with the sadness is beautiful. The laughs are over the top – and I promise you will spend a good amount of time laughing.

My overall take of Toy Story 4? I absolutely, without a doubt, loved this movie. So much so, that I cannot wait to see it again. We all enjoyed it. I know you want to know something, and I want to tell you ALL of the things about this movie. But I will not ruin it for anyone…so let’s chat about the plus points of this movie and what makes this movie so awesome.

TeamworkTOY STORY 4One of the BIGGEST highlights of this movie is teamwork. There is not a scene that does not involve some kind of teamwork. It is the best takeaway from this movie.

CharactersTOY STORY 4

All of your favorite Toy Story characters make an appearance, with a few new ones introduced. Forky is more than you think, Duke Caboom keeps the laughs rolling, and Bunny & Ducky are hilarious.  If you want a heads up on the full credit list, check it out here. There are MANY cameo appearances by toys, so keep your eyes peeled!

Safe for kids?TOY STORY 4

For the most part, To Story 4 is safe for all ages. There are a few intense scenes (message me if you want more details). But overall, this is a safe movie, with a G rating.

Safe for parents?toy story 4 woody forky

Here is the real deal – if you are a new empty-nesting parent, this may resonate with you a bit. Bring a few extra tissues and some chocolate.

End credit heads up

Stay put for every moment there is something on the screen. You may think there is nothing, but there is something at the VERY end. Don’t miss it.

I’m so very excited for you to see Toy Story 4. I can’t wait to talk about it, either! Find me on Twitter(@disdrivenlife or @mauiminnie702) and tell me what you thought when you see it!

What do you think?

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