Escape from the Isle of the LostHello everyone! It’s time to return to the Isle with Mal and her friends as they invite more villain kids to Auradon Prep! Mal is surprised to find out that a lot of the kids are not interested in Auradon. Still, she tries to prove to them that Auradon is the place they want to go to. Meanwhile, Uma is planning her revenge on Mal. The only problem is that she is on the other side of the barrier and cannot get to the Isle. Uma found a way back into the Isle through an underwater cave belonging to Hades. Uma thinks that he is the perfect partner for her revenge on Mal. This is the ultimate Descendants novel, it all comes down between Mal and Uma. Who will win? Find out in this epic novel.

  • Escape from the Isle of the Lost
  • written by Melissa de la Cruz
  • book four in a series * page count: 304
  • age range: 9-12 years old

It’s the last year at Auradon Prep for Mal, Evie, and Jay. Carlos still has one more year. Evie is designing the caps and gowns for the graduates. Everyone is figuring out what they are going to do when the graduate. It is a very stressful year for the students. Everyone is still excited, though. Filled with lots of adventure and excitement, this is a great book for all Descendants fans.

I really enjoyed all the new characters that were introduced. This includes Hades, Celia, and many more – you might even start to reconsider who your favorite character is! New characters keep the story going and adds a new perspective. I really think that the story was very well thought out, with a lot of surprise twists. This was a very fun book that I think topped off all the other Descendants’ books.

I think that this is the perfect book to curl up with in bed. This is a great story that ties in really well with the movie, Descendants 3.

I’m NDK, and this is my review!



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