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What if Elsa and Anna never knew each other? I sure would like to know! Hello everyone! Welcome back to another NDK book review. Today I want to tell you about Jen Calonita’s Conceal, Don’t Feel, a Frozen Twisted Tale!

With Frozen 2 in theaters, it is important to know that this book is not based on the new movie. It is a twist on the original story.

  • conceal don't feelConceal, Don’t Feel: A Twisted Tale

  • written by Jen Calonita
  • page count: 320 * age range: young adult

As we all know, Elsa has magical ice powers and in fear, locks herself in her room for many years. Anna tries many, many times to get Elsa to come out of her room and play. Or so we thought. When Elsa accidentally strikes Anna’s head with her ice powers, her parents immediately rush Anna to Grand Pabby. To save Anna, he has to remove all her memories of Elsa’s magic. Elsa did not want this to happen. So she attempts to stop Grand Pabby and in doing so, bestows a curse upon her and her little sister. Anna and Elsa were wiped of their memories of each other. Anna was sent away to live with one of the queen’s closest friends.

Now orphaned, Elsa is to become queen. As nobles from other lands arrive in Arendelle, Elsa stumbles across Prince Hans. Quickly charmed, Elsa and Hans become close friends. Meanwhile, in the small town of Harmon, Anna wakes up early, excited. Today is the crowning of Princess Elsa! She rushes to make more baked treats for her family’s bakery. Both are oblivious to the fact that they are sisters! With friends old and new, you will not want to miss this new installment in the Twisted Tales book series.

Twisted Tales is one of my favorite book series, so I was very excited when Disney Hyperion sent this book to me. I really enjoyed the twist on this classic tale. It provided a new, what if? A fresh start. This is one of my favorite books of 2019.

Frozen fans of all ages will enjoy this new twist, even if you are not big on Frozen, this is still a very good book to read!

I’m NDK and this is my review!

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