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DreamWorks Debuts Weird and Whimsical Netflix Original Series Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is now available to watch exclusively on Netflix! Check out six fun clips including an original rap from GZA and John Hodgman as the Newton Wolves, Sterling K. Brown’s duet with Karen Fukuhara and more!

Newton Rap (ft. GZA and John Hodgman) – The Newton Wolves hunt by the moon and have a strong hunger for attaining scientific knowledge.

What We Have Is You (ft. Sterling K. Brown and Karen Fukuhara) – Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Learn more about Kipo’s father in Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeast

A Pack is Formed – Wolf teaches this band of misfits how to become a true pack.

Megabunny Hunters – Kipo learns another important surface rule: NEVER pet the insanely cute bunnies!

Scarlemange  – At this ball, the humans entertain the mutes! Enter Scarlemange, the host of this lavish party, who uses pheromones to control his subjects.

Benson and Dave – Meet Benson and Dave. Benson is a surface kid with great taste in music and Dave is an insect who is reborn and dies every single day.

After spending her entire life living in an underground burrow, a young girl named Kipo (Karen Fukuhara) is thrust into an adventure on the surface of a whimsical post-apocalyptic Earth. She joins a ragtag group of survivors as they embark on a journey through a vibrant wonderland where everything trying to kill them is downright adorable. The series is created and executive produced by Radford Sechrist (How to Train Your Dragon 2) and executive produced and developed for television by Bill Wolkoff (The Man Who Fell To Earth).

The cast features Karen Fukuhara (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) as the enthusiastic and curious “Kipo;” Sydney Mikayla (General Hospital) as “Wolf,” a weapon-wielding survivor who knows the ins and outs of the surface; Coy Stewart (The Blacklist) as the happy-go-lucky “Benson;” Deon Cole (black-ish) as “Dave,” a talking insect who has the jarring ability to suddenly age a full life cycle without warning; and Dee Bradley Baker (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) as the adorable mutant pig “Mandu”.

The series includes the voice talents of Sterling K. Brown (Frozen 2) as Kipo’s father “Lio Oak;” Dan Stevens (Legion) as the power-hungry “Scarlemagne;” Lea DeLaria (Orange is the New Black) as Timbercat “Molly Yarnchopper;” Joan Jett as rocker snake “Camille;” and John Hodgman and GZA (Wu Tang Clan) as the cosmically-curious wolves “Billions and Billions.”

Enjoy the amazing original music developed by renowned music supervisor Kier Lehman (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Insecure) and composer Daniel Rojas (Downsizing). Distant Cousins, Lushlife, Beth Yen, and Dope Saint Jude are just a few of the artists whose tracks appear in the first season, as well as original performances by Fukuhara, Brown, Stevens and GZA. Playlist is now available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play.

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