Hi everyone! I am back to share 3 super-awesome books based on Disney and Pixar’s Onward, which hits theaters March 6. Onward is a new Pixar movie involving elves, magic, Phoenix Gems, and magical walking pants! Want to know what happens? I guess you’ll need to read these books to find out!

onward joke bookWhy are trash-unicorn jokes so goofy? Because they’re uni-corny! Onward: Ian and Barley’s Magical Book of Jokes, Puns and Gags is a fun, 48-page joke book for ages 5-8. It is a super-fun, super-silly book! Filled with more than 100 goofy jokes and riddles, this is perfect for the littlest jokester!

onward search for the phoenix gemNext in the line-up is Onward: The Search for the Phoenix Gem by Steve Behling.

  • Onward: The Search for the Phoenix Gem An In-Questigation by: Steve Behling
  • Ages 8-12 years old * 256 pages
  • Available now

This book is for ages 8-12. This story takes place in New Mushroomton, and nothing exciting ever happens there.  The main character of the story, Sadalia Brushthorn, is a New Mushroomton High School reporter, who never gets to write about anything exciting. And then all of a sudden, something exciting happens! Tracing the footsteps of brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot, who seem to be causing unusual trouble…trouble involving MAGIC, Sadalia is convinced she can solve this strange mystery. Is magic finally returning? Or is this just some joke, like a reenactment of a Quest of Yore roleplay? Sadalia will not give up, not with a promotion to Editor-In-Chief on the line. This book is great because it carries the Onward story past the movie.

onward quests of yoreCalling all adventurers…let’s go fight some beasts! The final book in my review is Onward: Quests of Yore by Rob Renzetti and illustrated by Austin Madison, Louise Smythe and Nicholas Ballan.

  • Onward: Quests of Yore by Rob Renzetti
  • Ages 8-12 years old * 192 pages
  • Available now

This book is for ages 8-12 as well, and is essential to any Quest of Yore fan. Complete with Spells, Stories, and Beasts, this is  the book that would accompany Barley and Ian on any adventure. If you watch the movie, you will see many clips with them using this book. This book also features notes and drawings by Barley and Ian as they encountered adventure along the way.

If you are excited about this movie, you will definitely want these books for you collection. Disney Pixar’s Onward hits theaters March 6. Be sure to check out my video review below!

Disclosure: I received these books in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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