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Hi! I am the Neurotic Disney Kid - sharing my expert kid-opinion all about everything Disney! My favorite attraction is The Enchanted Tiki Room and my favorite park is Magic Kingdom. I love to read and take pictures!

Hello everyone! Have you seen the new live-action movie on Disney+, Lady and the Tramp? I am super excited to share three new books with you! These books are perfect for all ages.

Lady and the Tramp How Lady Met TrampLady and the Tramp: How Lady Met Tramp is a quick, cute, picture book for ages 5-8. The sentences are a bit longer and have more detail. This is a good book for those who know how to read.

Lady and the Tramp Puppy LoveWorld of Reading introduces Lady and the Tramp: Puppy Love, a Level 2 story, which is appropriate for children in Kindergarten-Grade 2. It has short, simple sentences and matches the pictures. This book also has pictures from the movie, making it a great book to cuddle up and read-aloud with a parent or older sibling.

Lady and the Tramp Live Action Junior NovelLady and the Tramp: The Junior Novelization is a quick chapter book, perfect for ages 8-10. This story includes 8 pages of pictures from the movie! It has long, descriptive sentences that help imagine the story better. This is a good book to read by yourself or with your favorite furry pet!

lady & the tramp reviewThese are all great for gifts and are fun to read with a parent, sibling, or furry friend! Don’t forget to check out the live-action Lady and the Tramp on Disney+ and my video review below!

I’m NDK and this is my review!

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