The Sabbatical Ends With The Return of Beloved Baby Executive in DreamWorks The Boss Baby: Back In Business

Navigate the cutthroat jungle gym of life with Boss Baby and team in all-new episodes available now on Netflix!

Check out four exciting clips from the third season of DreamWorks The Boss Baby: Back In Business below!

The boss is back, baby! However, all is not well when Boss Baby is summoned to the Board of Directors for what could only be the culmination of his corporate journey – to finally be named CEO – he’s instead fired and dragged back down to earth when he’s blamed for every bad thing that’s ever happened to Baby Corp. Now surrounded by regular babies (gross!), Boss Baby must get his mojo back and assemble a new field team in order to return to the top of the corporate ladder.

Watch the struggle get real as Boss Baby takes a hard look at his org chart, keeps his trusted associates close and does what it takes to regain his glory as the high powered baby executive he once was.

Boss Baby Gets Fired – Boss Baby gets… fired from Baby Corp?! Find out if he can adjust to regular baby life in a playgroup

Org Chart – Meet the new team! Boss Baby breaks down the org chart and solidifies his position as Boss of the playground babies

Mega Fat Intro – Boss Baby’s world continues to get turned upside-down when he realizes the other newest member of the baby playgroup is none other than Mega Fat!

Happy Sad Angry – There’s a new fraud in town, and Boss Baby must stop him! The ‘babblist’ claims to understand baby talk, but can Boss Baby prove he’s a liar before the playground parents get scammed?

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