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Hello everyone and welcome back. I have two really ice cool(wink, wink)books I want to share with you! They are part of a new series for kids ages 5-8. The series is called Before the Story, and is based on the adventures Disney characters embark on before they venture into the movies we know.  But let’s talk about what books I got! The books are Anna Finds A Friend and Elsa’s Icy Rescue, both by Kate Egan and beautifully illustrated by Elisabetta Melaranci(Anna Finds A Friend) and Mario Cortes(Elsa’s Icy Rescue). These are some amazing read-alongs you need to check out! Both books are in stores now. There is also one about Mulan, called Mulan’s Secret Plan also by Kate Egan.

Let’s start with Anna Finds A Friend. This book is for readers 6-8 years old and has 128 pages.

“Before Anna saved Arendelle, she was a girl looking for a friend!”

When Anna’s parents go on a trip, she feels very lonely. The Royal Staff is always very busy and her sister, Elsa, never wants to come out of her room and play anymore. After much deep thinking, Anna decides she will write a letter to a girl named “Astrid.” Anna doesn’t think much about it, till one day, Astrid wrote back! Anna continues to write to Astrid about a bunch of fun things, from a squirrel named Soren and constructing a palace for him to sharing their favorite things. After a while, Anna notices something peculiar, Astrid used the Royal Seal on her most recent letter! Anna is starting to get a little suspicious about who Astrid really is…

I think this is a great adventure story. It is a fun tale that focuses on Anna, making it perfect for the Anna fans in your home.

Next up is Elsa’s Icy RescueThis book is for readers 6-8 years old and has 128 pages.

“Before Elsa was queen, she was a girl with magic!”

Elsa is really excited – it is time to go to her family’s summer cottage! There, she can have fun with her little sister, Anna, and see how powerful her icy magic can be! But her parents have other plans. Since Elsa is older now, her mom decides she needs to continue her lessons on becoming a queen at the cottage. Elsa is really upset that she cannot play as much now, until she learns how interesting Arendelle history can be. When Elsa is finished with lessons, she goes with Anna to their room to build an EPIC fort for themselves and their dolls. But trouble comes when playing tea, an important family heirloom breaks and Elsa feels awful. Her parents forgive her and Elsa feels a little bit better, until, in the middle of the night, Anna disappears! Now it is up to Elsa to find Anna, and find out if her powers are enough to save Anna…

This story is a little more intense than Anna Finds a Friend, as Anna disappears. This is still a great book, especially for your fearless Elsa fans!

These are great read-along stories to snuggle up in bed with, and they will make GREAT birthday presents. Make sure to look for them online, at your favorite bookstore or maybe even your library! Be sure to check out my review video below(and if you like it, please hit the thumbs up & subscribe button!)

I’m NDK, and this is my review!


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