Hi guys! I’m so excited to share a new book from the Villains series, The Odd Sisters! The Odd Sisters, written by one of my favorite authors, Serena Valentino, is the backstory all Disney Villain fans have been waiting for.  The Odd Sisters always have a role in the Disney Villains books, and I have always wondered about them. We finally have a book that explains it all. I hope you enjoy it!

The Odd Sisters (Lucinda, Ruby and Martha) have tampered with many well-known fairy tales. They are the ones who made the villains who they are. But no one knows the truth about them. They have a daughter, Circe, and now that she is older, she is very angry at them. Circe decides to take away all their magic and trap them in the land of dreams. But even the land of dreams can’t stop this diabolical trio from wreaking chaos. Of course they escape, and Circe worries about what mischief they plan. Will she manage to stop them? Or will her world crumble before her eyes? But along the way, we learn a lot about the Odd Sisters. All that was once shrouded in a cloud of mystery is now brought out for all know.

This book really kept my interest. There was so much that I did not know about the Odd Sisters. This book answers many questions and fills in many blanks. I have a new appreciation for the villains and their stories.

I love the storytelling in Valentino’s books. Every little detail was included, from to what dress they were wearing to what palace they were at. One thing I have always wished for from a Valentino story was illustrations in her books. I was very ecstatic when I saw that they had been added. I feel these illustrations add to the story, helping you envision the characters and really show you what the kingdoms look like. Another awesome detail of this hardcover book is the dust cover. The dust cover shows the poison apple from Snow White, more red and shiny than a ruby, dripping with the malicious, green poison. But when you remove the cover, there is a rotten apple, brown and shriveled, the red dulled beyond comparison.   Like I said before, I love Valentino’s work, it truly is magical.

If you are a fan of Serena Valentino’s work, this book most definitely needs to be the first thing you read. It provides a whimsical and magical experience, teleporting you to the realm of which the fairy tales characters reside.

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