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Ever feel sleepy from staying up late reading a book? Well recently, I have. SleepWakers, Sam Saves The Night is the culprit! It was so good I could not put it down! Written by Shari Simpson, this was an amazing book filled with crazy, exciting, phenomenal adventures at every turn of the page.

  • SleepWakers: Sam Saves the Night
  • written by Shari Simpson
  • Page Count: 304
  • Age Range: 9-12 years old

For her whole life, Sam has been a sleepwalker. When she was little, everyone assumed she would just grow out of it. But in this story, she is 13, in middle school, and still sleepwalking. Sam isn’t exactly the most popular girl in school, and she doesn’t really care. She’s used to it – it happens at every school. Her family never really stays in the same spot because Sam isn’t a normal sleepwalker. She sleep-bakes, sleep-builds tree houses, and a lot more. And people are never really too happy with her after, because her sleepwalking is not limited to her own house. No matter what they try, nothing helps her. Then one day, Sam’s mom, Margie, finds a strange strip-mall sleep doctor by the name of Dr. Fletcher, who has abnormally large sclera(the white part of the eyeball).

Sam is doubtful that Dr. Fletcher can do something. All the other doctors Sam has seen couldn’t even come up with reasonable explanations for her sleep behavior. But Dr. Fletcher is a strange man with strange ways! The next night, something VERY strange happens. Like, Sam-waking-up-outside-of-her-body strange! Of course, in a situation like that, there is only one reasonable thing to do. Scream. A lot. Thanks to Dr. Fletcher, Sam discovers there are a lot more people like her and they call themselves SleepWakers.

The SleepWakers have different groups: the OCDeeds, Achieves, and the Numbs. There are many more groups, but there is one that every SleepWaker knows to avoid – the Mean Dreams… lead by Madalyn Sucret, A.K.A. the supposedly sweetest girl in town.

Just when Sam thought her life couldn’t get any more freaky, it does. Madalyn is convinced that Sam is meant for the Mean Dreams. And since Sam doesn’t seem to fit in with any of the other groups, she reluctantly accepts. But the Mean Dreams not exactly the group she likes. The idea of getting revenge makes her stomach sick and she drops out. Madalyn is NOT happy about this. Sam has to be careful, because when it comes to revenge, Madalyn is the queen. Will Sam discover her true tribe and defeat Madalyn? Or will the villain finally win? Check out this thrilling adventure to find out!

I really enjoyed how fun and exciting this book was. In SleepWakers, Sam Saves The Night, Sam herself narrates the story. There is plenty of humor and memorable moments in this book. It starts out kind of crazy, with Sam wielding a running chain-saw, but you quickly warm up to the wacky things that happen. I can’t wait to check out the second book, SleepWakers, Sam Lights The Dark.

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