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Hey all you Marvel fans! Spider-Man decided to swing by with some books based on the movie, Spider-Man Far From Home! With me today I have Peter And Ned’s Ultimate Travel Journal and Spider-Man Swings Through Europe! I’m really excited to talk about these books – they were so much fun!

  • Spider-Man- Far From Home- Peter and Ned’s Ultimate Travel Journal Preeti ChhibberPeter And Ned’s Ultimate Travel Journal
  • Written by Preeti Chhibber
  • Page Count: 192 * Age range: 8-12 years

When Peter Parker(aka Spider-Man) and his friend Ned, get to go on a class trip to Europe, they are SUPER excited. Especially about all the new food they will get to try. Along with them is their friend Millecent “MJ” Jones. They are having an amazing time, until Peter finds out that Nick Fury is following him. Fury wants to recruit Peter, but when offered, Peter declines. He just wants to have a fun, relaxed, super-hero free vacation. But when you are neighborhood friendly Spider-Man, it is kind of hard to! With fun comments, educational info, and fun facts about international food, this book is surely a must-have for a vacation!

Instead of a story, this book was written as Peter, Ned, and MJ’s commentary on the events. I liked this because it did not provide too many spoilers for the movie. Usually books based off movies provide many spoilers, so this book was very refreshing. I also enjoyed MJ’s historical tidbits. They were very educational and fun. I learned about a lot of things and people I have never heard of. Another great part of this book was the food commentary. Each time they went to another country, Peter and Ned would write down a favorite food they tried in each different country. This is also considered educational (wink wink).

Spider-Man- Far From Home Spider-Man Swings Through Europe Calliope GlassNext up we have Spider-Man Swings Through Europe! Written by Calliope Glass, we join Spider-Man on his adventures through Europe. Spider-Man Swings Through Europe! is a picture book for younger Marvel fans, perfect for reading while wearing your very best Spider-Man costume!

  • Spider-Man Swings Through Europe! 
  • Written by Calliope Glass
  • Page Count: 32 * Age Range 3-5 years

Spider-Man gets to go on an awesome class trip in Europe! How cool is that? With him are friends Ned and MJ. They have a great time going on trips to museums, learning new things, and of course, trying the local cuisine! Along the way, Nick Fury decides to join the group. And by that, I mean he is spying on Spider-Man! On each page, if you look hard enough, you might find him spying.

I thought this story was very cute and went very well with the pictures. It was an interesting adventure and I believe that little Marvel fans will be very excited when they read this book. Since most Marvel movies are not for the younger ones, I was very happy that they managed to make a scaled down, kid friendly version of the story.

After reading these books, I am super excited to watch Spider-Man Far From Home again. Make sure to go finds these books at your local bookstore or wherever you can find them. These are the perfect to bring with you for vacation or on a road trip. They will delight Marvel fans of all ages.

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