The Topps Company announced DigiCon 2020, the first virtual convention celebrating collector fandom across all Topps Digital Apps. Taking place from Thursday, August 27 – Sunday, August 30, DigiCon 2020 will feature Topps’ suite of digital collectible apps with hours of live and pre-recorded content alongside at-home participation through partnered panels, Watch Parties, special announcements, fan Q&A sessions and exclusive digital collectibles, all on Topps Digital’s new DigiCast Twitch channel.

“Collector conventions are traditionally a great way for us to interact directly with our fans. But the impossibility of meeting in-person this year created an opportunity for our portfolio of apps to shine, and for us to engage digitally with our fans in this unique way for the first time,” said Tobin Lent, VP & Global General Manager of Digital at The Topps Company. “All Topps Digital Apps are featured in this unique, in-home experience and accessible to everyone globally. We can’t wait to bridge the distance between fan and creator with digital collectibles that replicate the exciting experience of visiting show-floor booths.

Talent from across Topps’ properties are scheduled to make an appearance, allowing fans to submit their questions in the hopes that they’ll be asked and answered by personalities such as WWE Superstars Alexa Bliss and Drew McIntyre and former Disney Imagineer and current Creative Director of MARVEL Themed Entertainment, Brian Crosby. Several featured artists are also slated to participate in the event, giving attendees an inside look into the minds of some of the most talented creators across sports and entertainment.

The four-day weekend event will include activations from MARVEL Collect! by Topps®, Disney Collect! by Topps®, Topps® KICK® Football Card Trader, Star Wars™: Card Trader by Topps®, Topps MLB BUNT®, Topps® WWE SLAM: Card Trader, Topps® NHL SKATE™, The Walking Dead: Card Trader and Topps Garbage Pail Kids NFT’s.

Topps’ DigiCon 2020 will kick off on Thursday, August 27 and run through Sunday, August 30 from 11:30am ET – 5:00 pm ET every day. There are plans to feature at least one headlining Topps app presentation daily with additional content throughout the weekend. The current schedule of events includes:

Thursday, August 27:

  • Headlining content from Star Wars™: Card Trader with The Mandalorian Watch Party Episodes 1 & 2.
  • Supporting featured content from Topps® KICK® Football Card Trader.

Friday, August 28:

  • Headlining content from Topps® BUNT® including a to-be-announced special comic-inspired release and artist interview, and an update on new collectibles coming in the Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 release.
  • Premiere of Topps SLAM “Sit-down” with WWE Superstars Alexa Bliss and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.
  • Headlining content from Star Wars™: Card Trader with The Mandalorian Watch Party Episodes 3 & 4.
  • Supporting featured content from Disney Collect! with the release of the John Ratzenberger Collection.

Saturday, August 29:

  • Headlining content from MARVEL Collect! with hosted X-Men Watch Party
  • Supporting featured content from Topps® NHL SKATE™ showcasing playoff-themed digital collectibles.

Sunday, August 30:

  • Headlining content from Disney Collect! including The Little Mermaid Watch Party and the release of Topps Classic – Series 3.
  • Supporting featured content featuring The Walking Dead Topps Action Figures and The Walking Dead Community Fair.

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