Timely Production Vote? Takes A Journey Through United States Voting History

 Orlando Repertory Theatre (Orlando REP) presents their very first production created specifically for online streaming with Eric Coble’s play Vote?.  The 60-minute production streams through BroadwayOnDemand from October 5 – November 8.  This presentation is in partnership with Dr. Phillips Charities and Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs.  More information and streaming pre-registration can be found at https://www.orlandorep.com/eric-coble-vote/ .

While COVID-19 has shut down many theatres across the country, the arts continue to thrive in new and innovative ways.  Orlando REP teamed up with production company Imag(e) in a (na)tion to professionally film and produce the fully-staged production of Vote? with the purpose of providing an exciting and engaging theatrical experience.  In partnership with BroadwayOnDemand, the streaming service utilized for many live and pre-recorded productions around the country, Orlando REP is excited to bring theatre directly into the homes of our audiences, on their own schedule.

Vote? | Orlando REP“We are beyond excited to be able to share this important production of Vote? with our patrons here in Central Florida and beyond. Each voting-related amendment to our Constitution is included in the story and a present-day 18-year-old learns firsthand the sacrifices and struggles that accompanied each amendment. Suffice to say, the question mark at the end of the title is answered by the conclusion of the play,” says Jeff Revels, Artistic Director of Orlando REP.

“Dr. Phillips Charities is proud to present Vote? in partnership with Orlando REP. Not only does it provide an entertaining yet historical view of the right to vote and the importance for every American to exercise their right to vote, but we hope that it will inspire and educate future voters to make a stronger community by their participation in the voting process” says Ken Robinson, President of Dr. Phillips Charities 


Vote? | Orlando REPDoes your vote, just one vote, make any difference? Eighteen-year-old Nicole has registered to vote but has no intention of casting a ballot today. Why bother? Too many better things to do.

Sliding through time and pivotal historical events, standing beside women, Black Americans, and young people all demanding their rights, Nicole discovers just how many shoulders we are standing on every time we step into a voting booth and to not casually dismiss this most American of rights.

Vote? highlights all the Constitutional amendments throughout our American history. We encounter Sojourner Truth, George Washington, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Frederick Douglass, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Lucretia Mott, and others who gave their lives fighting for a right we so easily take for granted in the 21st century.

Vote? | Orlando REPThe Cast and Crew

The Production Team includes Co-Director Tara Kromer, Co-Director Jennifer Adams-Carrasquillo, Scenic/ Projections Designer Cindy White, Costume Designer Dan Jones, Lighting Designer George Jackson, Sound/ Projections Designer Anthony Narciso, Props Designer Tara Kromer, and Original Music by Anthony Narciso.  Filming services provided by Ryan Funk and Imag(e) in a (na)tion.

The cast includes Mason Criswell, Dayla Carroll, Savannah Rucks, Arius West, and Stephanie Trull.

In preparation to book this streaming event, audiences should create a free account with BroadwayOnDemand.  Beginning on October 5, the stream of Vote? can be booked through BroadwayOnDemand for $9.95.  More information can be found at https://www.orlandorep.com/eric-coble-vote/


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