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I am excited to share three new Mulan books from Disney Books with you today! Be sure to check out my video review at the end!

  • A Place for MulanA Place for Mulan
  • Written by: Marie Chow
  • Page Count: 40 * Ages: 6-8 years old

Help Mulan discover who she really is in A Place For Mulan by Marie Chow. With beautiful illustrations by Jasper Shaw, this picture book is a perfect bedtime story for your little ones.

Mulan isn’t exactly like the other girls in her village. They are graceful and quiet, while Mulan is kind of clumsy and loud. And when it comes to weaving, Mulan just can’t seem to get the hang of it. She does try to behave and act more like her little sister, Xiu. But the harder she tries, the worse she fails. Riding her horse, Black Wind, and pretending to be a samurai is much more fun than calligraphy and weaving. Mulan wants to be able to have fun and make her family proud. But somehow, those two things just don’t seem to work together.

A Place For Mulan is an interesting book because it provides a new story to tell, which makes it all the more exciting. It is not based on the new Mulan movie; it takes place before, when Mulan is a young girl, around 8 years old. The storytelling is very simple to help your little reader understand the moral of the story – responsibility. This is a great bedtime story because it has some silly elements, but it is a very calm read.


  • Mulan Live Action NovelizationMulan Live Action Novelization
  • Written by: Elizabeth Rudnick
  • Page Count: 288 * Ages: 8-12 years

A new, thrilling junior novelization by Elizabeth Rudnick, Disney Mulan is surely a book you do not want to miss!

Mulan has always known she is not like the other girls in her village. While they are dainty and quiet, Mulan is adventurous and loud, which often leads her into trouble. She loves to run, jump, and ride her horse, Black Wind. She doesn’t want to disappoint her family, though. She works hard to learn to act like other young women. It is very hard for Mulan, but it is her duty. Soon, she is matched! But things go horribly wrong, bringing dishonor to her family. Even worse, the country is at war and her father is required to go. Her father is injured from an earlier battle and Mulan knows he will perish if he joins the fight. She decides to go in his place, even though it is illegal for a girl to fight in the army, a crime punishable by death. She takes her father’s armor and sword, disguising herself, and sets off on the greatest adventure of her life.

Many challenges lie ahead, and people are not always who they seem. Training is harder than it looks, and it’s hard not to act proper. But the time comes when the soldiers’ hard training becomes real. The moment they had been waiting for comes quicker than they expected. Mulan struggles with her secret, and wants more than anything to reveal her identity, but it is not safe. Bringing honor is harder than she thought, especially when all seems lost.

Mulan- Loyal Brave TrueThe story of the new, live-action Mulan is very different from the original movie, but still follows the same idea. It is much more serious and directed towards an older audience. It does not have the same comedic feel like the original, but provides a lot of action. Many fans are disappointed Mushu is not in this story, but do not worry! Mulan still has an animal guardian, a phoenix. The phoenix may not speak, but I feel this is a cool twist.

If you are not a fan of this beloved classic becoming a more serious, action-based movie,  you should check out this junior novelization and maybe this movie might appeal to you.

  • Mulan: Loyal. Brave. True.
  • Written by Carin Davis
  • Page Count: 22 * Ages: 5-8 years

Mulan has always tried to fit in to make her family proud. Little does she know, it is what makes her different that will bring honor to her family…and all of China. Includes an exclusive poster.

This book is a version of the movie for younger readers.

The movie is available on Disney+ Premiere Access now and hits digital on October 6th.

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