ABC Owned Television Stations in partnership with Walt Disney Imagineering stream Disney magic into your home with “Imagine from Home,” an interactive weekly video series where fans of all ages are taught by Disney Imagineers to create drawings and art projects inspired by beloved Disney attractions. The series premieres is available on the ABC Owned Television Stations’ 32 connected TV apps across Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku, and is available at

Imagineers share their skills and passion through step-by-step guidance for Disney fans who want to learn how to draw or make something using materials readily available at home. From building an R2 droid out of a soap bottle to creating “it’s a small world” cardboard toy to drawing Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the series invites viewers to get creative and be inspired.

“As we continue to think about ways to serve our local communities during this ongoing pandemic, we hope that being able to stream ‘Imagine from Home’ brings some joy and Disney magic into the homes of our viewers through this innovative collaboration with our colleagues at Walt Disney Imagineering,” said Anna Robertson, vice president for Content & Partner Innovation, ABC Owned Television Stations.

“Through the collaboration with ABC Owned Television Stations, we are able to share the talents of Imagineers with Disney fans who may still be at home during the pandemic and would like to find additional recreational activities, bond with family members or simply stay connected with Disney through unique ways,” said Luc Mayrand, Portfolio Creative Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering.

imagine at home“Imagine from Home” episodes include the following:
  • Draw Your Castle with Imagineer Amy Young – Viewers will learn to draw iconic Disney Castles with one of Imagineering’s principal interior designers. Known for co-creating Disney Paper Parks, which allows guests to bring the magic of Disney Parks to their homes by constructing Disney attractions, lands and other locations out of paper, she believes these creative resources represent a true meaning of inclusion because they are accessible and can include everyone.
  • Build Your R2 Droid With Imagineer Matthew Jamieson Abiva – Gather household items as creative director Abiva demonstrates how to transform common household items, like soap dispensers and corks, into an R2 droid.
  • Draw Your Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with Imagineer Reid Ekman – From the overall scene to the tiniest of details, learn step by step how to create Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with concept designer Ekman, who often creates models out of paper and clay.
  • Make Your Castle Night Light With former Imagineer Elisabeth Papadopoulos – Learn to use simple household items to create a castle night light with Papadopoulos who has worked as a producer and production designer at Walt Disney Imagineering. In her previous role as liaison between creative and concept development teams and design and production disciplines, she has organized and overseen the design and fabrication of many show elements including scenery, props, graphics, special effects, Audio-Animatronics® figures, media, and more.
  • Make Your Small World Animated Scene with Imagineer Xiao Qing Chen – Follow along step by step to learn how to turn cardboard into an animated scene inspired by the beloved Disney attraction. Xiao Qing describes her designs as collaboration tools to move projects forward; most recently, she has been working on the Fantasy Springs expansion at Tokyo DisneySea and EPCOT’s Journey of Water. Her session is sure to delight many who want to learn how to make a toy from scratch with accessible materials.



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