Disney nuiMos are the newest collection of posable, plush dolls – and we are crazy for them!  But what does nuiMo even mean? The word nuiMo is a combination of two Japanese words, nuigurumi (meaning plush) and moderu (meaning model), making them a plush model. In the US, there are currently 12 available: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Angel, Stitch, Miss Piggy and Kermit and recently, Winnie the Pooh & Friends! These adorable friends have even more adorable outfits – some designed by Ashely Eckstein and Wes Jenkins!

As a fan of these, I found the perfect Facebook group to join, Disney nuiMOs Crafters. This group is full of incredibly crafty, talented people who all share a love for these mini-models. I am happy to share a tutorial from one of the members from the group.

Disney nuimos alice outfit tutorialIt appears that the Alice in Wonderland Everyday cosplay outfit by Ashley Eckstein does not quite fit Daisy Duck properly. Dawn Cromwell,(Instagram @MostlyDisney_TripsAndTreats), made a few adjustments to her outfit so it works for Daisy. I hope you find this helpful!

Straps-to-Snaps Adjustment for Disney nuiMOs Outfit Alice Cosplay Set by Ashley Eckstein
By Dawn Cromwell, Instagram @MostlyDisney_TripsAndTreats

This is such a cute outfit. My girls love wearing it; there’s just one problem…the opening for the head between the cross-straps is Way Too Small!

Disney nuimos alice outfit tutorialMinnie was willing to endure pain for fashion, but Daisy was having none of it. Instead of squishing her head through, risking damage to either her or the dress, she insisted that we find a better way to get this on and off.

Disney nuimos alice outfit tutorialStep-by-Step Instructions


  • 5/16” sew on snaps
  • 1/4” ribbon
  • Needle and thread (I use transparent thread.)
  • Scissors
  • Pokey Thing (Chopstick / “That Purple Thang”)
  • A willing helper
  1. Cut one strap as close as you can to the connection point on the back of the dress. I stretch the strap away from the skirt with one hand, while cutting right next to the seam with the other. (Be careful not to cut into the skirt.)
    [Note: Use good scissors; otherwise, you’ll have frayed ends to deal with. My Mom always stressed the importance of high-quality, dedicated fabric scissors. Woe to the little girl who was caught cutting paper with Mom’s fabric scissors!]Disney nuimos alice outfit tutorial
  2. Use a pokey thing to tuck the ends into the strap. I like “That Purple Thang,” which has a pokey side and a flat side. I use it for all kinds of jobs.
  3. Cut a 1.75” strip of ribbon. Fold in half and tuck into the strap. Leave enough outside to sew the snap onto. Then, sew the ribbon to the strap. Make sure you sew it to the correct side to line up with the inside of the skirt.[Note: Don’t sew the snap directly onto the strap. If you do, the strap will be shorter when you attach it, since the part where you cut it would be attached under the original connection point at the top of the skirt. The ribbon works as an extender.]Disney nuimos alice outfit tutorial
  4. Sew the other half of the snap to the inside of the skirt – directly under the point where you cut the strap.Disney nuimos alice outfit tutorial
  5. Test the connection. If it works, repeat with the other side. [Note: Unfortunately, both straps need to be converted. Otherwise, the head hole is still too small.]

Disney nuimos alice outfit tutorial Disney nuimos alice outfit tutorial


Voila! Your friend can now wear her fashionable dress in comfort.

Disney nuimos alice outfit tutorial Disney nuimos alice outfit tutorial

Thanks, Dawn for sharing this tip with everyone! Are you part of the nuiMo craze? What fun things do you do with yours? Share in the comments below or on our social media!



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