“Spider-Man, Spider-Man..does whatever a spider can” Growing up, I watched The Amazing Spider-Man every morning while getting ready for school. The theme song was always fun to sing along to, and watching Peter Parker transform into Spider-Man and swing from building to building was always so cool. There have been many iterations of Spider-Man, and generally, these versions of Spider-Man have been for older kids/adults. New on Disney Junior, Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends, shows Spidey and his friends in a younger light – perfect for preschoolers! And have you heard this catchy theme song by Patrick Stump, lead singer of the multiplatinum-selling rock band Fall Out Boy?

“Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends” follows the adventures of Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales as they team up with Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Black Panther to defeat foes like Rhino, Doc Ock and Green Goblin and learn that teamwork is the best way to save the day. Geared towards preschoolers and their families, the Spidey Team models the importance of helping others and highlights themes of friendship, cooperation and problem-solving.

Why DVDs when you can stream?

This fun show is now available on DVD, which is perfect for this time of year! Here are just a few reasons on how helpful these DVDs can be:

  • Those few minutes you need to clean up the breakfast/lunch/dinner dishes
  • A drive in the car
  • Those random minutes before bed when you just want to laugh and “swing” along
  • Anyone who has “cut the cord” and no longer has cable
  • Great for taking on vacation, pop it in a portable player and you can enjoy your Marvel buddies at your fingertips!

Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends

This DVD includes 12 episodes and 11 action-packed bonus shorts!

  • Spidey to the Power of Three
  • Panther Pateince
  • Super Hero Hiccups
  • Lost and Found
  • Doc Ock’s Super Octopus
  • Attack of the Green Giggles
  • Mother’s Day Mayhem
  • Not-So-Fun House
  • Trick or TRACE-E
  • Bug in the System
  • Test Your Super Strength

Bonus Shorts:

  • Web-Ster
  • S.O.S. Kitty!
  • Spidey Mystery
  • A Helping Hulk
  • Spidey Surprise
  • Rock-A-Bye Rhino
  • Stop Doc Ock
  • The Spidey Team
  • Monkeying Around
  • Power Practive
  • Road Raging Rhino

Be sure to check out this new release. It’s a perfect gift or stocking stuffer!

disclosure: I have received a copy of the DVD in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. No compensation has been received.




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