In honor of National Polka Dot Day, the annual fan holiday honoring Minnie Mouse, @MinnieStyle is hosting virtual sessions – think of them as Minnie moments! – on Instagram inspired by our favorite lifestyle muse! Led by talent who encompass her fashionable, fun, and bold personality, this Minnie-inspired activation will kickoff on Monday, January 31st and end Friday, February 4th, 2022.

Presented by @MinnieStyle, the event will showcase what it means to be “Positively Minnie” through fun and uplifting programming that will leave participants feeling inspired. Each day, get ready for inspiring guests who will co-host a series of 10-15 minute sessions on a variety of topics such as careers, friendship and body positivity for a retreat from your day. Audiences around the world can tune in on Instagram starting at 10 a.m. PT to join the conversation live. Daily replays will also be available on @MinnieStyle following each session!

To help create these mindful escapes at @MinnieStyle, we’ve tapped the below Minnie muses:

  • Monday, January 31: Aysha Harun (Focusing on Empowering Your Life)
  • Tuesday, February 1: Rae Hersey (Focusing on Styling)
  • Wednesday, February 2: Marisa Meizz (Focusing on Forging Good Friendships)
  • Thursday, February 3: Loria Stern (Focusing on Turning a Passion into a Business)
  • Friday, February 4: Kellie Brown (Focusing on the Journey to Self-Love)

That’s not all! Be sure to tune into @MinnieStyle later this week to see additional special guests and topics that will be covered during this weeklong virtual activation.

To get into the Polka Dot Day spirit, we are encouraging fans to rock their dots and channel their inner Minnie all week long. Don’t forget to join the conversation by using #MinnieStyle and #PositivelyMinnie on Instagram!




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