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Looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your younger Disney loving kid, but wanting something other than the typical candy? Why not gift Disney Books this Valentine’s Day? Here are a few children’s books that we highly recommend, available both in stores where books are sold and as e-Books.

Toddler/Preschool Books – age range 3-5 years old

Valentine's Day Disney Books Toddler

  • Meet the Spidey Team
  • Fun, die-cut, board book for young readers featuring Marvel Spidey and his Amazing Friends
  • Bright, colorful pictures of all Spidey’s hero friends(and even some non-hero friends!)
  • 24 pages * ages 3-5

disney book spidey teamSpidey is swinging and web-slinging his way to Disney Junior next summer with a super-duper team of Super Hero friends! Read all about them in this board book! Perfect for the youngest of fans, this die-cut board book introduces preschoolers to the whole Spidey team, their amazing super powers, and the villains they battle in their adventures. Die-cut in the shape of Spidey’s face, kids will love having Spidey swinging and web-slinging on their bookshelf.

  • 101 Dalmatians: Spot the Difference
  • Wonderful interactive book for young readers
  • Spot the difference, clap your hands and have fun with 101 Dalmatians!
  • 40 pages * ages 3-5

disney book spot the differenceCount, whistle, clap, and more inside this interactive bedtime read-aloud starring the puppies from Disney’s One Hundred and One Dalmatians! Where’s Waldo meets Press Here inside this adorable One Hundred and One Dalmatians picture book that will have kids tilting, turning, and shaking the book to spot the Patch, the mischievous puppy who has stolen the first page of the book! Meet Patch— and remember what he looks like! He is going to cause some trouble in this book and disappear among his ninety-eight Dalmatian siblings. Have fun spotting the difference between Patch and the other puppies by counting, whistling, clapping, and more!

  • Magical Words
  • Beautiful picture book featuring Disney Princesses and many vocabulary words 
  • Features 12 Princess Worlds!
  • 40 pages * ages 3-5

disney book magical worldsFrom Moana’s island of Motunui to Cinderella’s castle and beyond, explore the worlds of your favorite Disney Princesses in this beautifully illustrated, fun-filled storybook! Step into the Disney Princesses’ most magical, memorable places and discover surprises and colorful details on every page. Featuring charming scenes from twelve different worlds, this is the perfect book for every Princess fan! And with numerous speech bubbles and words labeled in each scene, little readers can expand their vocabulary, too.

World of Reading Books

Valentine's Day Disney Books world of reading

  • Super Hero Hiccups
  • Level Pre-1: Reader in Training
  • Colorful photos and easy to read sentences
  • 32 pages * ages 3-5

disney book super hero hiccupSpidey is swinging and web-slinging his way to Disney Junior next summer with a super-duper team of Super Hero friends! Even Super Heroes have a little hiccup now and then! Miles, who prides himself on his stealth, gets discouraged when his relentless hiccups keep the team from stopping an evil villain. He needs help getting his confidence back-that’s what super friends are for! This leveled reader encourages Spidey fans to practice their reading skills with fun stories about their favorite characters.

  • Maleficent
  • Level 1: Beginning Reader
  • Simple text, word repetition – perfect for beginning readers
  • 32 pages * ages 6-8

disney books maleficentMaleficent tells readers about a day in the life of an evil fairy, just in time for Halloween. It’s no surprise that she has fun scaring everyone around her, to the best of her ability. This is the second title in an all-new Level 1 World of Reading series that features Disney Villains.

8×8 Storybooks with Stickers

Valentine's Day Disney Books 8x8 books-

  • Panther Patience
  • Perfect Spidey and His Amazing Friends story for bedtime
  • Colorful pictures and fun story – with stickers!
  • 24 pages * ages 3-5

disney book panther patienceSpidey is swinging and web-slinging his way to Disney Junior next summer with a super-duper team of Super Hero friends! Patience is a super skill! Spidey will have to learn a thing or two about patience before they can stop an evil super scientist from pulling off a heist. This exciting 8×8 storybook comes with two sheets of stickers!

  • Minnie’s Rainbow
  • Learn how rainbows are formed with Minnie and friends!
  • Cute, rhyming story – includes mylar sheet and instructions how to make your own rainbow!
  • 24 pages * ages 3-5

disney book minnies rainbowRead along with Disney! Kids love rainbows! In this colorful tale, Minnie Mouse simply explains how these beautiful apparitions are formed. Follow along with the word for word narration as Minnie and her Clubhouse pals begin to see a world of rainbows around them.

  • Undercover Princess
  • Fun adventure with Disney Junior’s Mira, Royal Detective!
  • Colorful images – includes two sheets of stickers!
  • 24 pages * ages 3-5

disney book mira undercover princessQueen Shanti has an important case for the newest Royal Detective of Jalpur: there’s a rumor that jewel thieves are planning to steal the Gem of Jalpur at a royal ball. To solve this case, the Queen asks Mira to go undercover at the party-as a princess! After learning the ins and outs of royal life from her friend, Prince Neel, Mira trades in her detective coat for a princess disguise. But not even a fancy party will distract Mira from solving this case! This 8×8 storybook comes with stickers for even more fun with Mira and her friends.

  • The Great Jedi Rescue
  • Exciting Star Wars adventure with the High Republic
  • Perfect for the younger Star Wars fan – includes two sheets of stickers!
  • 24 pages * ages 6-8

disney book great jedi rescueMeet the noble and wise Jedi of the High Republic! When a disaster strikes in hyperspace, putting the people of Hetzal Prime in grave danger, only the Jedi of the High Republic can save the day!

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