so this is love twisted taleHurry up before the clock strikes midnight so you can check out this awesome Young Adult(YA) story from Disney Books! So This Is Love is a new Twisted Tale by Elizabeth Lim. Based on Disney’s classic Cinderella story, this is by far one of the best Twisted Tales so far. With memorable characters old and new, you don’t want to miss this intricately told story!

What if Cinderella never tried on the glass slipper?

Well, that certainly had me thinking! This was such an amazing twist on the classic I know and love, the second I got this book I couldn’t stop reading! I like how in this version, Cinderella is more of her own hero and she is more involved in the story, besides just going to the ball and falling in love with the prince. This book was so detailed and deep, it felt as if this could become a movie!

  • So This is Love
  • written by Elizabeth Lim
  • page count: 416 * age range: young adult

In So This Is Love, we start off with Cinderella at the ball, having a wonderful time, when the clock strikes midnight and she has to flee. Up to that part, it stays the same, but as soon as she arrives back home, the Twist begins. Her stepmother attempts to sell her and she flees, ending up at a small village, where a girl, Louisa, cleans her up. Louisa works at the palace, and she invited Cinderella to come look for a job there. Miraculously, Cinderella lands a job as the visiting Duchess Genevieve’s, aunt to Prince Charles, handmaiden. The job is tough, as the Duchess is very particular about how things are done. Cinderella quickly adapts to the Duchess and the two grow somewhat close. But trouble is afoot in the palace, and some of the King’s most trusted men are involved. Cinderella is thrown into the drama and now is enlightened on a plan to overthrow the King. It is up to Cinderella to save the day and all the people she holds dear to her heart.

So This Is Love is an installment of the Twisted Tale series, and surely one of the most exciting! I’m NDK and this is my review.

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