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You are familiar with the story of Mulan – she brought honor to her family and China, and it seems her story has come to an end, right?


In Livia Blackburn’s newest book, Feather and Flame, Mulan struggles with her new empress duties, leading her all-women militia, and a mysterious marriage proposal from the Huns. And to top it all off, she fears some of her ministers may not be as loyal to her as she thought they were…

feather and flame disney bookWant to know what happens? Read Feather and Flame, the second installment in the Queen’s Council series, to find out! But let’s talk about this new story, spoiler free.

  • Feather and Flame by Livia Blackburne
  • Second book in the Queen’s Council series
  • page count: 366 * genre: young adult

Mulan is content with her life. She helped defeat the Huns, China is safe, and she is currently in the midst of training her own all-women militia. But when an old friend unexpectedly shows up with word from the emperor, Mulan realizes her peaceful world is about to be uprooted once more. And this is just the beginning of the story.

The emperor decided that Mulan will be the heir to his throne, much to the dismay of several, okay, all of his ministers. They believe a woman should not rule a country, and they are desperate to change the emperor’s mind. But the emperor, frail and old, passes on, leaving the weight of a country on Mulan’s shoulders.

Betrayal, unloyal subjects on the brink of rebellion, and threats of war from the Huns, worries Mulan to the point where she thinks she isn’t cut out to lead a whole country. And when it seems that one of her own women in her militia might be unloyal, Mulan is devastated and ready to give up. Filled with anxious, nail-biting twists and turns, characters old and new, Feather and Flame is the perfect ending to the story of Mulan.

I absolutely adored Feather and Flame. Livia Blackburne is a talented story-teller who manages to always leave the reader satisfied with the ending, but still wishing there was more because the story was just so good! I am still reading this – 105 pages to go & I cannot put it down! I enjoy the Queen’s Council series for the way they combine history with beloved Disney princess tales, adding a sense of maturity and realism to these classic stories. The story blends seamlessly from where the movies left off, filling in any gaps or plot-holes.

Feather and Flame is a perfect book for Mulan fans who may have grown out of the youthfulness of the movies, but still love the storyline and wish for more. While the legendary Mushu is not in this story, the story was beautifully told and there are even a few jokes snuck in.

Feather and Flame is recommended for ages 14-18, but older readers will definitely enjoy it as well.

I’m NDK and this is my review 🙂

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