On a new episode of ‘The Con,’ is it love or too good to be true when a lifelong bachelor falls for a woman more than half his age. The ABC News Studios primetime series narrated by Whoopi Goldberg airs Thursday, Aug. 11, on ABC.

“The Sweetheart Swindler Con” – When 75-year-old retired naval officer Dick Olmstead hit it off with a beautiful woman more than half his age in a parking lot, he thought he was getting a second lease on life. Desiree Boltos, early 30s, confided that she was struggling financially because she had recently become widowed, and Olmstead was very happy to help. The lifelong bachelor had about $380,000 in his bank account after cashing out his longtime stock investments. When he unknowingly dropped $60,000 into Boltos’ casino cage account at the Bellagio, fraud investigators from his bank in Texas, and later the District Attorney’s office, stepped in to tell him the truth. Assistant District Attorney Lori Varnell soon exposed the truth: Olmstead was the victim of a love fraud. He ultimately had given Boltos the majority of his life savings. There’s more…the ADA went on to unravel a complex fraud that proved Boltos had love-scammed millions from seven victims across the United States. “The Sweetheart Swindler Con,” a new episode of “The Con,” airs THURSDAY, AUG. 11 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC, and next day on demand and on Hulu.

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