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Halloween Ends – In Theaters October 14
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This is it. The final showdown between Laurie and Michael, or so they say?  David Gordon Green is at the helm of this final conclusion of the Halloween series, and relievers an epic climax to the decades long battle between good and evil.

The year is 2019, and the town of Haddonfield, Illinois is preparing for Halloween, when a young boy named Corey is stricken with the accidental death of a boy he’s babysitting. Corey (Rohen Campbell) is now known as the psycho child murderer in Haddonfield, alongside the evil that already looms over the town, thanks to Michael’s (James Jude Courtney) reign of terror. Allyson Nelson (Andy Matichak), Laurie’s granddaughter meets up with Corey at the local medical center, and begins to crush on Corey. Everything is going smooth between the two romances, but Laurie knows something is up. She sees something in Corey, that others don’t, especially Allyson. Consistent events occur that throw Laurie off about Corey, and Allyson keeps denying it and blaming Laurie’s paranoia on Michael. After a few mishaps with the local town bullies, Corey is thrown off a railing into a ditch on the side of the road, and something drags his unconscious body into a drain tunnel. Michael.

John Carpenter’s iconic Halloween music plays as Michael is introduced to the audience. Michael’s interaction with Corey is unlike others… Corey comes out alive. But Laurie was right, there’s something off about Corey. The movie is a slow rejuvenation of Michael’s torment to Haddonfield, under the new eyes of Corey Cunningham. The town created a new monster, Corey, just as they did Michael. So why not have both “monsters” working together to wreck havoc on the town. Numerous gory murders and killing sprees occur, including the fatal accidental shooting of Corey’s father in the film, lead up to the ultimate dagger. Laurie’s suicide call to 9-1-1. But audiences know way too well that Laurie is not going out like that. Corey’s there to kill Laurie, and Laurie is in a fierce battle with Corey. Allyson shows up, and sees what happened. A huge epic scene commences when the final battle is apparent. Michaels here, in Laurie’s house, and Laurie knows it. The final battle that’s been 40 years in the making is going down, this epic conclusion to the Halloween saga frightens audiences in an epic, intense and gruesome finale.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ swan song to the Halloween trilogy is perfection by all means. From beginning to end, Jamie provides the iconic Laurie Strode moments that has captivated audiences for the past 40 years. Being more active than in the hospital bed, as she was in Halloween Ends, Laurie Strode reminds audiences who she is and what she’s capable of… but also being shown as a human with emotions and personality that hasn’t been seen a lot in the first two Halloween movies from this trilogy. Curtis’ final battle with Michael is a testament to the characters iconic grit and girl power.  Overall, alongside Curtis, the entire cast (new and old) give audiences a thrilling conclusion to one of the most iconic Halloween and horror trilogies of all time. Halloween Ends is a must see for all horror film fans, and will captivate audiences this Halloween season.

#HalloweenEnds in theaters and streaming only on Peacock October 14.

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