DreamWorks Animation has released the full trailer for the Annie Award®-winning hit Netflix series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Hidden Adventure interactive special. The standalone interactive adventure hits Netflix November 15! Watch the trailer below!

In a standalone interactive adventure, the campers, desperate for food, work together to find a hidden stockpile. They must risk everything to uncover clues in search of its location, ultimately exposing previously unknown secrets of Isla Nublar.

“I am so excited for our audience to rejoin our Camp Fam back amongst the ruins of Jurassic World,” said executive producer Scott Kreamer. “Set between seasons two and three, fans will be put in Darius’s shoes, and just like in Camp Cretaceous, they’ll be forced to make life-and-death decisions that quite literally can mean the difference between him and the other campers surviving, or getting chomped. Not only will we be interacting with fan-favorite dinosaurs from the series, but we’ll also be visiting never-before-seen areas of Isla Nublar, as well as coming face to face with a large carnivorous theropod never previously shown on our show or the films. I think folks are really gonna enjoy it!”

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