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disclosure: We were sent items from the Disney ily 4EVER fashion doll line in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own. No other compensation was received.

Earlier this month, we shared the news about the new Disney ily 4EVER collection – an aspirational line of diverse dolls inspired by iconic Disney characters and modern fashions. You may have seen a teaser we posted on our Instagram account. We were so excited to receive a box of goodies to check this new line out and share with you!

What is the Disney ily 4EVER collection?

The Disney ily 4EVER collection consists of six dolls styled in modern, on-trend outfits inspired by beloved Disney Princesses Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow White, and Tiana. Kids can also embrace their doll’s (and their own) style with fashion and accessory packs themed around even more Disney heroines.

We received the 11″ Disney ily 4EVER Doll Inspired by Cinderella, Disney ily 4EVER Accessory Pack Inspired by Snow White, Disney ily 4EVER Fashion Pack Inspired by Snow White, and the Disney ily 4EVER Fashion Pack Inspired by Mulan.

What We Thought

Disney ily 4EVER doll lineThe Disney ily 4EVER packaging alone is enough to draw you in – all of the products were so cute! We really love how the Disney ily 4EVER line focuses on “Disney bounding“and Disney inspired accessories  as opposed to actual Disney character costumes and props. This opens creative doors for children and collectors with these dolls. But are they as functional as they are adorable? Here are the pros and cons for each set we checked out:

  • 11″ Disney ily 4EVER Doll Inspired by Cinderella – This unnamed 11″ doll is beautiful, with big, animated-like eyes that do not close. Her outfit is a very subtle nod to Cinderella, with just a glass slipper on the shoulder of her tank-top. She is very articulated, but does not sit well. When we tried to sit her for a pose, her leg did pop off. The legs are a ball-joint, and the leg did pop right back on with no damage. Her feet are very flat, unlike other 11″ fashion dolls.

The doll comes with many accessories: a Disney balloon(with a surprise food snack inside), a purse, camera and a sweatshirt. She also has a necklace and an adorable Minnie Mouse ear headband! The food surprise we received was a Mickey bar. While this accessory was cute, it did not have the ability to be held by the doll. The Disney balloon is very top heavy and was not able to be held in our doll’s hand unassisted. These items offered photo opportunities, but no real play ability.

  • Disney ily 4EVER Accessory Pack Inspired by Snow White – This accessory pack, inspired by Snow White, includes a dog figure, and many, many little pieces. These little pieces, while theme appropriate, merely seem decorative. There is no way for the dog to interact with the small, bone shaped dog treats; the paper checklist featuring Dopey is cute, but has zero function. There is a brush for the dog, but the dog is solid plastic. Additional accessories include a doll visor(that did not fit our doll the best), a fanny pack & water bottle for a doll, and a leash for the dog. The leash is super cute, but has way too many tiny plastic tabs holding it into the packaging(more on that at the end).
  • Disney ily 4EVER Fashion Pack Inspired by Snow White – The Snow White inspired outfit featured a top and skirt, adorable slip-on shoes(featuring an apple!), a bracelet and hair barrette, purse, party invitation, tote and sunglasses. Dressing our doll in this well-made outfit was super easy. We loved how easy it was to just slip the shoes on. The hair barrette is EXTREMELY tiny. Since Snow White loved all the forest animals, it only makes sense for her to have a deer purse.
  • Disney ily 4EVER Fashion Pack Inspired by Mulan – The Mulan inspired outfit is definitely colorful. This fashion pack includes a dress, socks, shoes, a beanie cap, magazine, cup, a jacket and purse. We developed a love-hate relationship with this one. While we loved the look of the outfit, the jacket was so difficult to put on. The dolls’ fingers are slightly seperated, so as her hand passes through the sleeve, her fingers would catch on strings inside the jacket. This was frustrating, but we did manage to get it on. The shoes were also tricky to put on – the plastic slit on the back of the shoes was not cut properly – a pair of scissors remedied this situation. The beanie did not easily go on either(we gave up on this one). But that look she gave off with this outfit was one we could not pass up.

Overall, for the price, these dolls and accessories are a good deal. They are comparable to other 11″ fashion doll prices. Traditional 11″ fashion doll clothing will not fit on the Disney ily 4EVER dolls, although the Disney ily 4EVER doll clothing may fit other 11″ dolls. Shoes are not interchangeable, as Disney ily 4EVER dolls have flat feet.

disney ily 4EVER little tagsThe only issue we really had was with the packaging. Every item is attached to the package with these teeny tiny plastic tags. These are very tiny, so I suggest using scissors as opposed to pulling. There were no less than 10 tags holding the leash in place for the Snow White inspired accessory pack. Since these are also available in the parks, opening a package while in the park or on vacation could be difficult.

Disney ily 4EVER at epcotSince these are available in the parks, we did take our doll to Epcot for the day, in the Mulan inspired outfit. She was fun to pose and easy to bring along, as she fit in our backpack easily.

Disney ily 4EVER EpcotCreations at Epcot had a nice display of these dolls and more clothing and accessories. The Frozen inspired pajama set is adorable – look at that Olaf robe!

Disney ily 4EVER EpcotWe really do enjoy this new collection. It has great potential for more releases. We will definitely be posing our doll for more photo opportunities at the parks. Will you be checking out this collection? Which ones do you like?

What do you think?

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