With some Disney magic and a very special pair of glasses, a bride’s dream of seeing the world in color became reality during her recent Disney Fairy Tale Wedding at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Bride Sees Color for the First Time at Walt Disney World Resort

Abigail Nilsson, photographer

Bride-to-be Kristin Robinson of Harleysville, Pennsylvania heard about specialty glasses that allow the colorblind to see the world in color. Having been colorblind all her life, Robinson jumped at the chance to wear a pair of the glasses for the first time on her wedding day in The Most Magical Place on Earth.

Robinson was elated when she saw the world and her groom, Nick, illuminated in color for the first time.

“This is surreal,” said Kristin minutes after seeing color for the first time. “I’ve always dreamed of this; I finally get to see the colors.”

The color-reveal moment proved emotional for the entire Robinson family. The bride’s father and two brothers are also colorblind and joined her in wearing the special glasses for a heartfelt reveal where they not only saw the bride in color but were able to see the world in color for the first time, too.

While color blindness affects people differently, Robinson’s deuteranopia is a common type of red-green color blindness. It prevents her from seeing colors like pink and purple and makes it difficult to see shades of red, green and brown. The team at Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons ensured that her wedding dazzled with color. Pink flower arrangements decorated the wedding pavilion. At Disney’s Wedding Pavilion, a picture-perfect view of Cinderella Castle against a vibrant blue sky provided a backdrop for the ceremony and the fairy-tale day concluded with a private reception and a glittering firework display. Robinson’s colorful wedding was nothing short of magical.

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