In celebration of the highly anticipated annual event, SHARKFEST, Verizon launched an augmented reality (AR) experience that transports viewers into the captivating world of one of nature’s most feared creatures: sharks.

The cutting-edge experience – which runs until August 1 – takes fans deep into the waters in a shark cage, getting up-close and personal with the ocean’s apex predator. To launch the SHARKFEST AR experience, users can tune into channel 941 on their Fios set-top box and scan the on-screen QR code using their mobile device.

“We are committed to pushing the boundaries of storytelling to drive engagement and are grateful to have collaborated with Verizon on this immersive experience,” said Christen Harris, SVP, Platform Distribution Sales, Disney Entertainment. “Creating interactive moments with technology like AR gives fans unique access to our unrivaled programming like SHARKFEST.”

“By delivering next-gen entertainment and augmented reality experiences, we’re offering customers engaging and immersive content that they likely haven’t experienced before,” said Kris Soumas, head of consumer content partnerships for Verizon Consumer Group. “National Geographic has incredible content and we’re excited for our customers to interact with it for themselves.”

Sink your teeth into summer with 72 hours of SHARKFEST programming on National Geographic, Nat Geo WILD, Nat Geo Mundo, Disney+, Hulu and ESPN2. With cutting-edge technology and actual industry-leading experts, SHARKFEST entertains viewers with four weeks of explosive, hair-raising and celebratory shark programming that showcases the captivating science, power and beauty of these magnificent animals — because one week is simply not enough. With over 22 hours of original programming and over 50 hours of enhanced content, viewers can dive deep into the unpredictable psyche of sharks — without the distraction of celebrities. SHARKFEST explores the waters across the nation in Cape Cod, Florida, Hawaii, New York, South Carolina and around the world in Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, Indonesia, South Africa, the U.K. and more for a global underwater adventure.

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