Hulu announced a limited documentary series, from filmmakers Erin Lee Carr, Michael Beach Nichols and Marwar Junction Productions, exploring the six-year journey of Sherri Papini’s disappearance to her arrest and the ripple effect of the case felt across the nation.

When 34-year-old wife and mother Sherri Papini disappeared from a rural neighborhood in Northern California, her husband, Keith Papini, suddenly found himself at the center of a global news story as he imagined the worst. But miraculously, after 22 gut-wrenching days, Sherri was found alive – her emaciated body burned and battered, a metal chain tied around her waist – sharing a story of a kidnapping at gunpoint and three weeks of torture at the hands of her captors.

Six years after her disappearance, Sherri Papini began serving 18 months in prison for lying to the FBI about her kidnapping. The series will be executive produced by Allison Berkley, Joseph Freed and Erin Lee Carr, and directed by filmmaker Michael Beach Nichols.

The documentary series announcement comes on the heels of “Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence,” which bowed in February on the platform and has continued to garner significant critical acclaim. In April, ABC News Studios’ “Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields” debuted as the most-watched program of all ABC News premieres on Hulu. Last summer, “Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons” became the most-watched documentary series in the streamer’s history, topping previous record holder “Captive Audience.”

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