Disney commemorated its 100th anniversary last week with many magical moments from around the world, including a special event at The Walt Disney Studios.

The company’s headquarters in Burbank, California, celebrated in style with music, cherished characters, VoluntEARS projects, and more.

Disney CEO Bob Iger spent time walking the lot to enjoy the festivities, including stopping by VoluntEARS activations. He also surprised employees at the studio lot’s main theater ahead of a screening of Once Upon a Studio—a spectacular new original short film from Walt Disney Animation Studios that brings together a century of beloved characters.

During brief remarks thanking employees, Iger commented on Disney’s powerful legacy of unrivaled storytelling and innovation and his profound optimism in the company’s future.

“It’s amazing to think that our company is 100 years old today,” Iger said. “When I think about how long we’ve been around I’m reminded of the positive impact that we’ve had on the world over 100 years thanks to the great creativity that this company has managed to generate for such a long period of time.”

Iger told those in attendance that the anniversary is “also a reminder that it’s not just about creativity. It’s about the people behind that creativity, and it’s about all of you.”

Iger noted that he’s had the unbelievable privilege of working for the company for almost 50 years, and that has allowed him a “front row seat on the contributions, and the talent, and the commitment of all the people that have worked for this company over such a long period of time.”

“So, more than anything I want to thank all of you because the company’s ability to celebrate 100 years is due to the work of all of you,” he said.

Iger also emphasized that he has “tremendous optimism about the future of this company, and that continues to this day.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” he said in concluding his appearance. “Happy birthday to Disney on 100 years, and I’ll see you around the lot.”

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