Pencils Vs Pixels is a celebration of the unique magic of 2D hand-drawn animation and an exploration of how the Disney Renaissance of the late 1980s and early 1990s led to an animation boom that was quickly upended by the computer animation revolution that followed. Narrated by Ming-Na Wen, PENCILS VS PIXELS features many of the legendary artists who brought these now-classic films to life as they guide us through the last few decades of animation and into the future that’s yet to come.

Pencils Vs Pixels is a documentary featuring many different animators and beautifully narrated by Ming-Na Wen. Hearing what inspired Floyd Norman, Seth MacFarlane, Pete Docter, Kevin Smith, Leonard Maltin and others was extremely interesting. The documentary discusses history of animation, Disney’s Nine Old Men, women in animation and what led them to animate. The beautiful part of Pencils Vs Pixels is that it does not just focus on 2D animation. They discuss the renaissance of computer animation and their feelings on the shift in their profession.

The documentary does focus on Disney animation, but does include a few other studios that were influenced by Disney animation. Pencils Vs Pixels is not a dry documentary. There are many different animators, directors, historians to hear from, which keeps the show makes you want to hear more from them. It was hard to believe it has a 87 minute runtime, as the show just flows beautifully.

Animation fans everywhere will breathe easier – Alex Hirsch(Gravity Falls) states that hand drawn animation is not dead. Disney full length animated movies may not use 2D, hand drawn animation, but 2D animation is not just Disney feature length films. There is still a desire for this art form.

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