Stitch is back for the fourth release from the Stitch Attacks Snacks Collection! And for the very first time, Angel joins him as a cuddly plushy enjoying this month’s colorfully cute snack, lollipops.

Stitch Attacks Snacks Lollipop Collection PinsTo celebrate Angel joining in the foodie fun, Disney Store is sweetening the deal with a special promotion running from April 9-14. Guests who purchase one Stitch Attacks Snacks Lollipop Plush and one Angel Stitch Attacks Snacks Lollipop Plush in the same transaction will automatically receive $10 off their purchase when both items are added to their cart. 

Collectors, don’t forget to pick up the limited release pin set as well, which includes pins of the mischief-making duo as well as a Mickey Mouse-shaped lollipop pin. 

If your sweet tooth is as strong as Stitch and Angel’s, stay tuned for next month’s delectable release dedicated to ice cream. 

Check out the Stitch Attacks Snacks Lollipop Collection, available now on 

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