Iconic animator/director Andreas Deja, proudly announces the release of an exciting, brand-new music video celebrating the beautiful and evocative song ‘Mushka’s Lullaby,’ one of the final compositions by legendary Disney songwriter, Richard M. Sherman (Academy Award®-winner for “Mary Poppins”). Featured in Deja’s directorial debut short, Mushka, as the end credit song, the haunting and memorable tune, sung by versatile vocalist Holly Sedillos, is part of the film’s poignant orchestral score created and arranged by noted composer Fabrizio Mancinelli. The new ‘Mushka’s Lullaby’ music video, created by the short film’s editor and co-producer, Roger Viloria, showcases the lullaby accompanied by film clips from Deja’s spectacular hand- drawn production, combined with fun and nostalgic behind the scenes clips of recording the song, featuring Sedillos, and the orchestra who recorded the award-winning Mushka soundtrack on the Synchron Stage in Vienna, with a 60-piece orchestra.

“I’m thrilled to showcase the beautiful ‘Mushka’s Lullaby’ song with a celebration of the legacy of one of the world’s greatest songwriters, my friend Richard M. Sherman,” said Deja. “I’m beyond grateful to our amazing team on Mushka. We’re all so lucky to have had Richard contribute ‘Mushka’s Lullaby’ to our film.”

A 30-year veteran of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Company ‘Legend,’ Deja is responsible for bringing to life some of the most beloved characters in animation history, including ‘Scar’ in The Lion King, ‘Gaston’ in Beauty and The Beast, ‘Jafar’ in Aladdin and ‘Lilo’ in Lilo and Stitch. Lovingly and meticulously animated and crafted by hand over a period of ten years, Mushka is Deja’s directorial debut, a 28-minute animated short that is an inspired vision brought to life.  Since its world premiere at The San Francisco International Film Festival and European premiere at the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film in 2023, the film has screened around the world, winning multiple awards, including ‘Best Animation’ at the San Jose International Short Film Festival and the ‘Kids Choice Award/Best Animation’ award at Palm Springs International Short Fest.

Watch the Mushka Film Trailer: CLICK HERE

Mushka is the story of Sarah, a young Ukrainian girl who discovers an orphaned baby Siberian tiger and realizes she must either raise him or leave him to the perils of the snowy wild. Featuring new characters full of personality in a story brimming with excitement, humor and emotion, it is the culmination of nearly a decade of dedication, experimentation and creativity.   ‘Mushka’s Lullaby,’ is part of the film’s soundtrack album, Mushka—Original Score, available digitally from Lakeshore Records.

Andreas Deja YouTube Channel – https://youtu.be/ast84XT6-KI?si=hsr398NNM0jj67oL
Mushka film YouTube Channel – https://youtu.be/PAuegQPcmT0?si=lQcQgi9zAcMNPwQ5

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