Our mission is to foster the sense of community and goodwill among fans of the Disney brand by facilitating communication about shared lifestyles and creating shared experiences.

The Disney Driven Life is a community blog where a wide variety of Disney fans submit articles about their particular area of expertise to help coach as well as connect with others who want to “bring Disney to their door.”

The site also hosts a Confessional where Disneyphiles can admit their mouse-loving idiosyncrasies as well as other Disney-esque type secrets.  And not to be overlooked are the Disney Driven Life Principles where the community has begun to compile an amusing code to live by and laugh at.

If you find that The Disney Driven Lifestyle resonates with your inner mouse, we hope that you will stand with us by Being Counted as a Neurotic Disney Person.  We’d love to add you to our growing number and learn about your personal style of leading The Disney Driven Life.