The Original NDM

The family of an obsessed Disney individual is always an interesting one. They have to be in order to love and embrace the idiosyncrasies that are becoming of this Disney-slanted personality. My family is no exception. Composed of a reluctant husband and three capricious children, my family does its best to accommodate me.

I am the Neurotic Disney Mom (NDM). I wake up each morning with one purpose in life: to indoctrinate my family into Disney culture and nurture a compulsive fascination towards the Disney brand. My hope is that in time my efforts will produce a love for Disney in them that is independent of me, which—in turn—will help my loved ones achieve good mental health. To accomplish my goal, I institute various methods of brainwashing. I design elaborate Disney vacation plans and concoct rigid Disney lifestyle principles for my family to revere. I faithfully instruct my children so that their value system and academic understandings are firmly established with an explicit Disney sensibility. But most of all, I play the role of enthusiastic coach in the practical application of the disciplines for a “Disney Driven Life”.

Sometimes my tactics are subtle such as playing Disney music, hanging pictures of Disney characters in our home and stocking our playroom with Disney toys. At other times I am more aggressive in my mission. I have been known to initiate analysis discussions about classic Disney films. I have also sprung Disney pop-quizzes on the family during dinner. And for our weekly “Family Night”, games such as Memory Game-the Disney Edition, Disney Pictionary DVD Game and Disney Monopoly are staples. As I create this instructional environment for my loved ones, I dream of passing on a heritage of Disney neuroticism that will serve as a framework for our family’s identity throughout our years together, and I am very deliberate in my work towards achieving this goal.

The path I have chosen is not an easy one. I often face obstacles that perplex me such as a limited financial budget, my children’s short attention spans and a husband whose interest in Disney only exists to preserve our marriage. However, my insatiable preoccupation with Disney persists, and I intend to prevail in my chosen battle. For this reason, I continue to creatively navigate my way around these roadblocks in the hope that one day I will accomplish the mission for which I was born.