What exactly is The Disney Driven Life?

If your lifestyle revolves around incorporating the Disney brand into all aspects of your life, then you are leading a Disney Driven Life.  This includes activities like watching Disney movies, listening to Disney music and podcasts, discussing Disney topics with family and friends on a regular basis, participating in Disney communities online and enjoying every minute of it.  But the paramount event in the life of a Disney Driven person is planning and anticipating a Disney vacation.

What kind of people live this way?

There actually is a term for this type of individual, Neurotic Disney Person or NDP, and the population of NDPs is vast.  Think about it.  In America (and this truth is spreading globally), everyone either is an obsessive Disney fan or they know at least one obsessive Disney fan.  It’s an amazing truth and speaks volumes about the number in our group.  And now, we finally have a grass roots movement happening to organize ourselves and gain recognition by officially being identified as NDPs.

What is the criteria for becoming a NDP?

All that is required is a passionate (and sometimes irrational) love for the Disney brand with a particular focus on the Disney parks.

How can I become a part of this grass roots movement?

It is very simple.  All that is required is an e-mail to NDM#130 (becounted {at} thedisneydrivenlife {dot} com) with your first name, last initial, home state, request for a title (mom, dad, grandmom, granddad, husband, wife, uncle, auntie, individual, teen, kid or critter) and twitter name (if you have one).  Shortly after that, you will receive an induction letter with your assigned and official title in the community as well as a place on the roster.

How did The Disney Driven Life come about?

It all began with a little trip report.  NDM#1 wrote a trip report about her family’s first vacation as DVC members in order to help preserve the memories of it for her children.  Once it was written, she began posting her report in installments on some of the Disney forums that she participated in.  It was received extremely well and inspired others to declare their solidarity with NDM#1.  This, in turn, gave way to the formation of the NDP community and the birth of The Disney Driven Life blog.

Who is NDM#1?

She is the original Neurotic Disney Mom who founded the Neurotic Disney People movement while amusing them with entertaining stories about her own adventures in raising a Neurotic Disney Family.

What is the difference between “The Confessional” page and the “True Confessions” category of posts?

“The Confessional” is a place where all registered users of thedisneydrivenlife.com can submit their own amusing confession about personal obsessive Disney behaviors.  The “True Confessions” category of posts are NDM#1’s personal posts that chronicled the Disney tales of her family.