DDL Principles
There are certain fundamentals in the lives of Neurotic Disney People by which this unique breed tends to live.  We have begun to compile a list of these precepts, ranging from the completely sensible to the incredibly ridiculous.  Submit your own personal principle that you and your family adhere to in your lifestyle and compare it with those that others have already shared.

The Sacred 7
Every Neurotic Disney Person knows that there are unspoken commandments for conducting a perfect Disney trip, known as The Sacred Seven.  These are laid out with the specific intention of guiding one through the ideal, neurotic vacation, which in turn creates the desired, addictive fascination with Disney.  Such laws are necessary not only for the sake of Disney devotion but also for the promotion of good mental health that is created by the euphoria of being in Disney.

The Confessional
Divulge your deepest, darkest, Disney-centric secrets.  We want to know the most neurotic things you have done in times of Disney desperation.  Don’t be ashamed.  We’ve all had these moments.  Tell us. What are the things you have done in order to get your Disney “fix”?