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Welcome to THE CONFESSIONAL.  This is the place where you can divulge your deepest, darkest, most neurotic things you have done in times of Disney desperation.  Don’t be ashamed.  We’ve all had these moments.  Make yourself comfy in our confessional chair and tell us. What are the things you have done in order to get your Disney “fix”?

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Jim NDD #147
While at work, I constantly revisit my favorite Disney sites. My boss has no idea.
The other day I was in algebra class. I have no Disney vacation scheduled anytime soon nor have I been in a while. However, I sat down and completely ignored the notes on the board while I made an hour by hour schedule of a Disney vacation that I would like to go on. Completely imaginary schedule but considering algebra is 1st period, periods 1 through 8 all consisted of completing my schedule. Needless to say, I did not learn anything in school that day.
I planted my back yard garden in the shape of a Hidden Mickey.
Christie T. NDM #426
Here's my Neurotic Disney fan confession. 🙂
When we gave birth to our first son we knew we wanted to name him after a great man who was an important part of our lives; so we named him after my Grandpa. When we found out we were pregnant the second time and started discussing names we knew that we didnt want to just pick a name we liked. Again, we wanted to pick a name that represented someone or something important in our life. My husband and I immediately started thinking Disney! Disney is an important part of our daily lives! We decided to name our second son after a great man who has added so much to our lives with his imagination and dreaming. We named our son Elias in honor of Walter Elias Disney. When people ask us where we came up with the name Elias we are PROUD to tell them he is named after Walt. Usually after we tell them who he is named after most people look at us like we are CRAZY! They stutter and say "Walt Disney....really? Man you guys are obsessed." Although most people who truly know well us are not a bit surprised!

James D.
I went and bought an Annual Pass to Disney World for myself without informing my wife. She would never have agreed to let me buy it, but I knew that the AP Room discounts will save our family of six a lot of money on our next trip. Plus, it enables me to make more solo trips to The World!
Carolyn G NDI #204
I've just almost completely constructed wedding plans now and it's set, it'll happen in November. They've been constructed on the Memonic notebook system.

The whole theme will be Walt Disney World/When You Wish Upon A Star/Wishes. The colors of the decor, from the Wedding Pavilion to the Reception in the Grand Floridian Ballroom, will be white, blue and gold.

My dress will be white with cobalt blue, like the castle, and the bridesmaid's/maid of honor's dresses will be similar. The groomsmen's tuxes will be black, as the groom's jacket, pants and shoes will be, but the groom's tux will have a blue vest/tie/hanky. My rings, so far, will be of the Tinker Bell style from Disney Couture. (We have yet to select my hubby's ring). My bouquet is inspired by "Up", colorful balloons, to signify my husband's and my adventures together.

When the wedding party enters (if we're blessed, we can get Tink and her fairy friends to spread pixie dust on the walkway), the song will be "When You Wish Upon A Star". My bridal entrance song will be "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes". If we are truly blessed (Im not ashamed to admit this NOW), I'd give anything for Tink to present our rings.

In the reception, (where Mickey, Minnie and several princesses may be waiting if we play our cards right) our cake will be shaped like the castle, chocolate with Bavarian Creme. Champagne corks will pop and the champagne will flow. My hubby's and my first dance will be to the song, "The Second Star To The Right". Disney-like wedding favors (including bottles of Pixie Dust) will be distributed.

One favor will be a CD of the Bride's favorite parade song, Disney's Main Street Electrical.

Finally, our honeymoon will be from the Disney Honeymoon Registry. Who knows what adventures my husband and I might go on?

Carolyn EternallyDisney on Twitter
Recently I changed my wedding plans. I still want to have them at Walt Disney World, but on Christmas Day.

I want to find a way, somehow, to have Tinkerbell and Friends sprinkle pixie dust down the aisle before my Bridal March to the tune of "The Second Star To The Right". I want to have lots of princesses there as well as Mickey and Minnie, Duffy and Santa Claus, amongst all my other guests.

Red, White, and Green will be the colors of the decor, and it will generally be a Disney/Christmas atmosphere, right down to the Mickey-shaped boutonnieres.
James D.
I recently took a trip to The World by myself. Yes, I left my wife and kids at home. I had an awesome time hanging out with my fellow NDPs. A few days after I returned home, a friend sent me this message on Facebook:

"You must really really really really really really love Disney to go without your wife or kids... maybe I'm the weird one... Maybe it was a really good deal on a ticket that particular weekend... I'm trying not to be judgmental, but as you can tell by my words I'm having a hard time. Help me understand... Is it the magic of Disney that has you in it's clutches? Totally curious, but if you just think I'm being a jerk, you can just delete this message. Don't be mad... Old friend... "

Here, fellow NDPs, is my response:

"Actually, I booked the trip because it was the 40th anniversary of Disney World. As far as without my wife or kids, I sent my wife to visit her sister in Colorada back in May. This trip was the flip side to that coin and she agreed to it. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. That's not to say that I don't want to go without the wife or the kids. We have a great time going together as a family, and my wife and I have a great time going as a couple as we did back in February. I'm hoping to be able to go one day as a special Daddy-Daughter trip, or Daddy-Son trip.

Think of it this way: Would you be feeling the same way if you learned I went on a 3 day hunting trip?

Perhaps it would help if you understood that there are many others who think of Disney like I do. Check us out:

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask! And does you asking these questions mean that you don't want me to invite you along this coming May for a Guys Trip to Disney World for Star Wars Weekend?"

I have yet to receive a response from him about Star Wars Weekend. 😉
Carolyn EternallyDisney on Twitter
I get so inspired by the 1950's Mickey Mouse Club; I always have been inspired ever since I saw it as a kid in the 1980's when it came on the Disney Channel.

Though I'm unmarried with no children, I've planned names for future kids when I do wed. I'm hoping for three girls and at least one boy. Here are the first and middle names I've come up with:

Cheryl Rose (Inspired by Mouseketeer Cheryl Holdridge)
Karen Jasmine (Inspired by Mouseketeer Karen Pendleton)
Darlene Marilyn (Inspired by Mousketeer Darlene Gillespie and actress Marilyn Monroe)
Richard Robert (Inspired by the Oak Ridge Boys' Richard Sterban and Mouseketeer Bobby Burgess)
Carolyn EternallyDisney on Twitter
I'm single, but I've already planned, by means of Evernote, most of the things I want at my wedding, and how things should go. It's a wish list, in a way.

The wedding, I'm hoping, will be at Disney World.

I want to get married in front of the castle somehow. My march down the aisle will be to the tune "When You Wish Upon A Star".

I want the wedding colors to be white, gold and blue, I've picked out the dresses, the reception, I hope, will be at the Grand Floridian Ballroom, and our first dance, my husband's and mine, will be to the song "The Second Star To The Right."

And that's only the half of it...!