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Welcome to THE CONFESSIONAL.  This is the place where you can divulge your deepest, darkest, most neurotic things you have done in times of Disney desperation.  Don’t be ashamed.  We’ve all had these moments.  Make yourself comfy in our confessional chair and tell us. What are the things you have done in order to get your Disney “fix”?

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OK. So the other day when I was using a public restroom, it occurred to me that I'm sentimental toward toilet seat covers. The reason is because the first time I ever saw them in public restrooms were in the Magic Kingdom (along with motion sensored faucets and dryers). I remember thinking that was so "progressive" of them when I was little because I didn't have to bother with tearing up pieces of toilet paper to cover the seat. Leave it to Disney to blaze the hygiene trail.
When I call (407) WDW-DINE, I really have to do it in private. I get irritable if people try to interrupt me when I'm planning. I saw a dog with a meaty done on TV, taking it off to a private corner and realized, "THAT IS ME! Including the warning growl."
Susie @SusieNotSusan
I should be doing a project RIGHT NOW, but I'm on here. I just came back from Disney World, and I'm going to Disneyland in May, so I should not be harrassing my friends about going to WDW this summer to see the Main Street Electrical Parade/new fireworks show. But alas - I am. I probably shouldn't be spending MORE money on Disney, but it is inevitable. My name is Susie, I'm 19 years old, and I'm beyond.addicted.
Susie @SusieNotSusan
I should be doing a project RIGHT NOW, but I'm on here. I just came back from Disney World, and I'm going to Disneyland in May, so I should not be harrassing my friends about going to WDW this summer to see the Main Street Electrical Parade/new fireworks show. But alas - I am. I probably shouldn't be spending MORE money on Disney, but it is inevitable. My name is Susie, I'm 19 years old, and I'm beyond.addicted.
I am a 19 year old college student in Colorado and don't get to go to the parks but every few years. Instead of saving my money towards college, I decided to buy the 2010 editions of the Unofficial Guides to WDW and DL. Then I went and bought a Haunted Mansion CD ( over $40) that I could have bought in the parks but forgot to. Now my bank account is very low. 🙁 I love Disney, what can I say?
Mark Maguire
Something strange and wonderful happens at my house every 6 months or so. It is....magical! After many discussions with my wife Theresa, I go online. Late at night, with the house quiet and stillness in the air, I visit a certain website. I click on a radio button titled "choose this offer" and that is when the magic begins.
I hear music start to play, the plaintive tolling notes of an prgan toccata. Then Tinkerbell appears. She flits about, and goes into the bedroom. She sprinkles pixie dust on Theresa. And from deep in dreamland Theresa smiles a knowing smile: she knows that although it may seem far off, the days will pass quickly until......we hear the clatter of hooves coursing towards us as our carriage draws nigh.
I have to admit that I'm truly blessed in that I don't HAVE to work. But I do work at the Disney Store in AZ (I couldn't pull of the commute to Anaheim).

It has always been a dream of mine to be part of the magic of Disney. This has been a way to fulfill that dream. I keep my Company ID card proudly displayed in my wallet (along with my Annual Pass).

The catch is, I don't know if I'm actually making any money at The Disney Store. I think I spend more than I make. I say "I think" because I have never bothered to check, I like not knowing.

For 2009 I was thrilled to take each one of my kids (as well as my sister) to Disneyland for their birthdays, all with my comp tickets that I had collected.

It was a wonderful experience to go with each one of my kids on an individual basis, getting to know them outside the family group dynamic.

The plan for 2010? To get my whole extended family together for a group trip to Disneyland. I see them all the time, but having everyone in Disneyland would be wonderful!
It has been called to my attention that I very much need to spend a little time in the Confessional. So here it goes I have something called OCDMGG. For those who don't know what that stands for it is Obsessive Compulsive Disney Magic Gift Giver. I didn't even know that this existed until talking with a friend last night. But after giving it much thought and looking back on past OCDMGG behaviors I do have it. But then again I think that everyone should have it. Even if its a small tiny bit of it. In the past years as pin trader I will take a couple hundred pins to the parks with me to trade, but I can't stop myself from just giving them to kids along they way. Whether standing in line for a ride or yes even handing one to a crying child underneath a bathroom stall. To find her waiting for me after wards so she could say thank you. This got bigger. The OCDMGG started to take more control. In the past years I have given away total of 8 trips to Disneyland. I took 4 inner city boys who would never be able to go for the day. I took a few teenagers, a little girl with Cystic Fibrosis. As well as some adults who have the heart of a child. I just can't help it. I don't think anything of it because I'm just me. There is something truly magical that happens when they walk through the gate and out onto mainstreet for the first time breathing in all of that Disney Magic. A dream for them has just come true and I was there to be able to share in their excitement and happiness and it is something that never gets old. It's something that makes my heart smile. It's so easy to give someone the Disney Magic. It doesn't necessarily have to be a trip there or tickets to go. It can be sending pins randomly in the mail or when you find out that someone who loves Disney as much as you do has to listen to all of their Disney music on the computer take the time to burn copies of all of the Disney music you have a send it off in the mail to them. In order to truly understand OCDMGG you will have had to experience it for yourself by someone else that has it. Once you have, it won't take much for you to want to do the same. In 2012 I will possibly give my biggest OCDMGG of all and I can't wait. I will get to take someone who I feel very much deserves to go to Disneyland for the first time. Full trip paid for!!! I guess some would say that I am a little hard core Disney as I will save for a year to be able to do this. But this will more thank likely be the only time I do a trip this big for someone. The person recieving this is someone who has touched a lot of our Disney hearts and someone I now call friend and I can't wait to meet her! But anyways spread the Disney Magic it really is easy to do and that way I don't have to be the only one with OCDMGG. But out of everything you can be diagnosed with I couldn't be happier that it is this. In the name of Walt, Pixie Dust and the Mouse have fun and make someones Disney dream or wish come true!
Nanette S. NSM#25
I have a confession. We are going to WDW in a year and a half. This part DS13 knows. But, I sort of lied to him too. I know, I'm supposed to set the example. How do I ever expect him to be honest if I'm lying to him?!? Here's the part I lied about. I told him we would be staying for 10 nights, we're not. We're staying for 13!!!! I'm thinking if it as more of a suprise than not telling him the whole truth. But there's more. I also told him we would be going at the end of July 2011. Yep lied again, we're leaving 2 weeks earlier than he thinks. I told him we are going to go to Oregon the day we are really going to WDW. This way I can pack all our stuff, I always do all the packing so he won't notice that the suitcases are much fuller than usual. And this way all his electronic things he will want for the plane will be charged and ready to go. It takes us about 1 1/2 hours to get to the airport, the first hour is the same route as we go to Oregon, we'll see how long it takes for him to catch on. I wanted to do a complete suprise trip but I'm just too excited to be able to keep it all to myself! This way he still gets to help plan and I still get to suprise him a little, even if I do have to tell a little lie along the way 😉
Megan NDA#1
Here's a follow up to my January confession:

I completed the Princess Half Marathon. In the maximum time allowed (3:30:47 to be exact). I have my finishers medal and my picture of me running through the castle. I'll send it to NDM#1 so she can share it.

I'm still not a fan of running, but I don't hate it that much anymore. I kept up with the running and I completed the Philadelphia Distance Run in September (3:22:20).

Right after the Princess, the obsession took over again and I registered for the WDW Marathon. Yes, Marathon. Not Half Marathon.

I then decided that since I planned on taking the trip in January 2010 anyways, that I was going to do something good. I registered with Team in Training in July and have been training with them and fundraising for the Leukiemia & Lymphoma Society.

I decided to go for the Half marathon instead of the full because I wanted to build in extra time to be able to stop and take pictures along the way. I'll share those too!

Wish me luck!