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Welcome to THE CONFESSIONAL.  This is the place where you can divulge your deepest, darkest, most neurotic things you have done in times of Disney desperation.  Don’t be ashamed.  We’ve all had these moments.  Make yourself comfy in our confessional chair and tell us. What are the things you have done in order to get your Disney “fix”?

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Traci Curth
OK. I have been busted. On Twitter. And it's all my fault.

I just admitted that I'm a fan of the Jonas Brothers. A 36-year-old, married, mother of of the JoBros.

There. I've admitted it again.

Hi, I am NDM#118 and I am a fan of the Jonas Brothers.

The JoBros take up space on my iPod. I tell people it's because my almost-6-year-old daughter like their music. But, I listen to them when she's not in the car. I sing along. Loudly. Yes, I know the words.

I took my DD to the Jonas Brothers movie earlier this year. I actually enjoyed it. We danced in our seats. We sang along to the songs. I can't wait for Santa to bring her the DVD this that I can watch the movie again. With or without her.

And, every weekend I sit on the couch with my DD and watch "Jonas" on the Disney Channel. It's really not a bad show.

And OK...last part of my confessional...Joe Jonas is cute. There, I said it. Joe is the cute one. Oh, c'mon, you know it's true!

OK, I could go on and on, but someone just Tweeted that there's a new JoBros song out there and I need to go find it on iTunes. 🙂
Hello fellow confessioners! I am NDI #35. I have a MP3 player and the name of it is Disney Dreams 4 Me! Only Disney music is allowed on it. To ensure that every moment of everyday is filled with Disney Magic I have all 940 disney pins displayed on cork boards and hung on my bedroom walls! Its is truly a Pinsational Disney sight!!!!! Along with my curio cabinet that is filled with Disney Snow Globes. I just don't think it ever possible to be able to make it through the day without being able to breathe in the magic and whimsy of Disney! Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah Day!

Debbi NDI #35
I have just booked our vacation on-board the DISNEY DREAM for June 21, 2011!!! 5 night Bahamas cruise - then we are going to "tack on" a few days at WDW afterwards - probably staying at the POP century!!
I'm going to book a 5 night cruise on-board the new Disney Dream for June 2011! DH can't believe that I'm thinking about vacations in 2011 when I'm still planning a trip to WDW in Nov. 2010 (and England in June 2010)!!!
James M.
I'm NDH #12. I have a confession to make. For about 2 years, I've worked on a "Master List of Disney films" based on their release date chronologically. I make my wife watch each film with me in order. At least, we watch the ones we own. I used to borrow the ones we didn't have from my mom, but it's so hard to get there anymore. I may have to be satisfied with what we have.

On top of that, I always celebrate November 18th. One year, I even had a cheesecake in honor of the mouse. It doesn't hurt that I like cheesecake.

I own the Disney Encyclopedia. It's an awesome resource for the Disney enthusiast. I also listen to park music a lot, since I live in Texas and can only go once every three or four years.

Well, that's pretty much my neurotic Disney obsessions.
Shelley- NDM#121
ok, since I have just joined, it is time to present my confession.

I have always enjoyed disney as a child, I did not make my 1st trip to WDW until 2004. I was 38yrs old.

At the time of planning htat trip was a last min. We had just recieved a nice refund from our taxes. My DH & I decided that for a change we were going to take a vacation-place of choice WALT DISNEY WORLD! We planned, booked & reserved. We decided it to be a surprise to our girls, we just told them we were going to the beach (10 days).

Well let me tell you that day came and the excitement was to much for me to handle, that I broke & tole my oldest DD (15 at the time), of course she did not believe me.

Well we arrive at WDW after driving 15.5hrs from VA straight through. My husband & I took turns driving.We could not waste any time getting to Disney. Well when we arrived we got all checked, cleaned up and straight to the MK. I can tell you once I steppend on Main street, I saw the castle & the expression on my youngest DD face ( 5 at the time) . I was hooked!!!

I decided on that return home from that trip in 2005, that is it I have to go back. As soon as I was recovered from that trip, I was already on line planning our next trip for 2006.

Our trip in 2006 my husband stated he wanted to look at DVC, me a little frugle was not sure yet. We had our appointment and met w/ our guide. Well I was not sure if I wanted to committ yet, we returned home & 2 days later I told my husband I wanted us to purchase, he was shock, becasue I do not bend easy when coming to money.

Now 5 yrs later I thought Disney would have become a passing of been there done it. Not so. We have been to WDW in 2007&2008. we also stayed at Disney Hilton Head & Vero Beach.

My passion for Disney has become so much stronger that I feel that it has become and addiction in my life. I am so past having the key chain on my key ring, the Disney stickers on my van and yes even a Disney T-shirt does not ease the need to have Disney.

I daily surf at least 4-5 forum boards to see what others are talking about and see if I can provide those "newbies" any enlightment on the greatness and truth of Disney.

I cannot even think how many groups I have on my FB. I am still trying to adjust to Tweeting, becasue I want to meet new people that really understand my heart & soul of why I am so committed to the Disney life.

Then a about 2 weeks ago I stumble onto a new site-DDL and first I thought when I saw the title it was a place to be negative forum on how Disney ruined there life, but as I was reading the daily post from NDM#1 I thought OMG, she is me, she had words of another world that I had been seeking, words of Disney is my life.

But the post that really hit home for me was on 9/10/09, that was the day to submit my application for the Walt Disney World Mom's Panel. The words on the screen spoke so much truth into who I was and What my passion in life is, it might be childish, it might even be consumed with thoughts & dreams that I might not even see in this life, but what else do I have to life for?

Well to end this long posting, I want to say that this is my 2nd time I have sent my application to the Mom's panel, The 1st time of course it was not one of the winners, several months later when they decided to bring on new panelist, I did not apply, I was still so heart broken that I NDM#121 was not sure if I had what it took to be on the panel, they were looking for the certain someone. Well this yr, i got a renewed energy and passion for what I love. That is sharing & giving to others the magical experiance of the Walt Disney Dream.

Thank you NDM#1 for creating a place that I can feel I truly belong and to all the others that share here on allowing to be a part of this community.

Shelley- NDM#121

I am the only one in my family who enjoys Disney as much as I do, Which is why I spend so much time online with my Disney family. I feel so happy and blessed to have people like you.
Kelly Light
I worked my way thru college as a Disney Store greeter. I know every song word for word- I know every character's name. I know every film's release date chronologically. I would win the cast member trivia contests. - Years later- I had the joy of being trained to draw hteir charcaters- years and years later I work for them. I use the freelance money to pay for DVC membership- I really feel WDW is a second home!
NDW12 - Krystal P.
Okay, I must admit. My husband and I have also used college money to fund Disney World trips. It was refund money to pay back student loans...woops. Guess we'll be paying back for a while. But nothing is better than Disney Debt, right!?
Mary NDM 95
I love the new look of the site, very nice 🙂 But JL, as I type this, the text is white on a white background, making it very hard to leave comments. Can you somehow change this?