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Welcome to THE CONFESSIONAL.  This is the place where you can divulge your deepest, darkest, most neurotic things you have done in times of Disney desperation.  Don’t be ashamed.  We’ve all had these moments.  Make yourself comfy in our confessional chair and tell us. What are the things you have done in order to get your Disney “fix”?

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I must confess! I uttered the words: "I don't want to go to Disney World!" - I realized my mistake but must explain the context that these words were uttered in....

I was in FLA last week and was supposed to be in Kissemee to pick up a friend of the family when I got lost - looking for my turn I was WAY TOO far NE in ORLANDO and drove right by Disney (oh the tug was horrible) but I drove right by. Finally turning around I drove by again - being frustrated, late and now very upset about being lost I drove by Disney and uttered "I don't want to go to Disney" referring to the exit sign that was NOT reading the name of the street I was looking for.

Now I am sure that I will be forgiven my the illustrious Mouse - but I felt so guilty! So here I am at the confessional but not before I paid my penence by stopping into the Disney store in the Orlando airport before heading home to spend some extra money!! 🙂

I am so excited! My shirt arrived today and I wore it to the grocery store! What happens next is only the best!! I'm walking down the snack aisle and another lady comes over and asks what my shirt means and where did I get it? As soon as we started chatting, I figured out, rather quickly, that she also belongs to the NDP family! Couldn't help but give her the address to this site! NDM#1...the shirts are awesome!! Can't wait to wear it at the world this summer!
Carol NDM #13 last year I coaxed my NDH into buying a timeshare on Ebay in Orlando so I could be assured of a Disney trip at least every year. Our plan was to go every December. Then we talked my cousins into buying an identical timeshare at the same resort on Ebay. So they are going with us this December. Then we came up with the brilliant idea to get AP's and go in November next year so we can park hop, go extra days, enjoy the benefits of the AP's and save on the cost of park tickets by going a month earlier the next year. Little did my unsuspecting NDH know, but I had additional plans. We also have a timeshare in Mazatlan, and due to drug wars and flu, we decided to bank with RCI. So I innocently suggested that since we will have AP's, let's just make an additional trip to WDW using our banked Mexico week. We also have airline certificates that expire at the end of January so I made clear how cheap this trip would be if we went the last week in January. So we are going in Dec. '09, Jan. '10 and Nov. '10. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to work on him to make a trip to DL when we go to my high school reunion in August (5 hours north of DL). If only WDW AP's were good at DL!
NDD#2 - JoelP
Hey NDM#1 - I've been trying to find your original Trip Report that got this whole thing started so I can (finally) finish reading it ... But in it's its absence, I've come up with the following:

Joel’s Eight (and counting) Rules for Visiting WDW with Joel

1 – The “real world” does not exist once you step foot in WDW – violaters must watch their (grand)daughter’s faces as they walk up Main Street USA dressed like their favorite princess.
2 – All so-called “adults” must revert to the mental age of 13 (or less) once in WDW (except when watching their [grand]daughter’s faces …) – violaters must play “Buzz Lightyear” or “Toy Story Mania” until the inevitable happens …
3 – There is no such thing as “bad” weather in WDW, even (or especially) if it’s raining …) – see Rule #1.
4 – There is no pouting, whining, crying, or melt-downs allowed in WDW – violaters will be “forced” to eat Mickey Ice Cream Bars until they come to their senses.
5 – There are no Democrats, Republicans, or Independents in WDW – only Mouseketeers; violaters must ride “It’s a Small World” over and over and over again … until they repent their evil ways.
6 – You must have your picture taken in front of Cinderella’s Castle and with at least one Character while in WDW – violaters must wear Mickey Mouse ears.
7 – You must eat at least one Mickey Ice Cream Bar – violaters … yea, like anyone’s gonna violate this rule!
8 a - Rise, shine, and get your butt to the park for the opening ceremony (you’re on vacation - you can catch up on your sleep at work …) – violaters will miss out on the best time to be in the parks ... and see Rule #4.
b – Afternoons are nap times (you’re on vacation …) – violaters must watch “Impressions of France” immediately after a big lunch at the World Showcase restaurant of their choice.
c – You must watch “Wishes”, “Illuminations”, and “Fantasmic!” and close each park at least once while in WDW – violaters will miss out on the best time to be in the parks ... and see Rule #4.
9 -

Addition rule suggestions welcomed ...
Jen NDM #8
I have a confession to make: a friend of mine recently took a long-awaited honeymoon to the World last week and I am green with envy. I should be happy for them. I check the Orlando forcast every day and just want to cry! It's been in the '80s every day down there and I'm still wearing a coat here in PA. How is this fair? I have found myself daydreaming at inopportune times, like while I'm driving, of all things Disney. I need help, Pixie dust, something. I can't forsee a trip in the near future. It's going to take some creative fund raising, that's for sure. Whew, I feel better knowing I am among friends who understand.
Mary Beth NDM6
Well, I am entering some days of dismal Disney desperation. It has been 14 months since my last WDW trip: and although I have done some serious Disney dreaming, and budgeting, there is no magical vacation in my future. I spent the past few days replaying family vacation videos/Disney planning DVDs etc...with no results other than to make me want to go even more than before.

The reason for my delay in visiting my "happy place"??? My wonderful brother-in-law, who I happen to love dearly, has found the love of his life and is getting married this June. Both of my NDKs have been asked to be part of their special day and we are thrilled that he is in love, and will spend the rest of his life with this wonderful girl. The down-side is that she comes from a very wealthy family, and it is going to deplete our Disney budget to outfit ourselves and to attend this Gala.

Is it awful of me to think about maybe just planning a trip for me and my DD8? Maybe she and I could swing down in the fall if there is a deal with the Dining like there has been in the past. I now dream of winning lotto/etc...just to fund my Disney-habit!
I am proud to announce I have run my first planning boot camp for the family joining us in August! Made strawberry soup (1900 Park Fare), New England Pot Roast and veggies (LTT) and Ohana bread pudding with bananas foster sauce! Thank goodness for all of the Disney cookbooks! They paid attention to their instructions (bring a notebook and watch the planning video before you come over) and we are now ready to make ADRs (in May...i HATE the new 90 day rule!) and we have a solid plan for tackling the parks! Thanks NDM#1 for posting the commandments of Disney! Our friends have a copy and I spent quite awhile reviewing them with their DS8! Hope everyone is having a magical week! NDW#1
Suzette C.
NDM # 96 here. Had to tell someone...have scheduled a Wishes Fireworks Cruise for the night of our arrival to surprise my family. Of course, my daughter (age 13) is snoopy and found out but I told her PLEASE don't tell daddy it is a surprise.
Chris G
I used college financial aid money to fund a number of trips over my four years of school. Who needs books? I get depressed if I don't get to a park at least once a year!
Ron Milner
I would watch Disney world Videos on youtube for hours and hours. at the Library as well as listen to Disney Theme park music.