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Welcome to THE CONFESSIONAL.  This is the place where you can divulge your deepest, darkest, most neurotic things you have done in times of Disney desperation.  Don’t be ashamed.  We’ve all had these moments.  Make yourself comfy in our confessional chair and tell us. What are the things you have done in order to get your Disney “fix”?

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Hello my name is Denise and I am an NDM... wow that feels better already!!

I recently encountered a comment that was made to NDM1 on FB and joined in with my own and was told I really needed a trip to the confessional - am I really that neurotic?? I remember debating signing up as an NDM - hence I am #27. I never thought myself "neurotic" enough to be apart of this group.... apparently I had no need for worry. Who would have "thunk" it?!?!?!

After reading (and then printing) all of NDM1's trip reports - that I enjoyed to the fullest! I have strived to live up to my new title - the Mickey CD's have been reclaimed from my children's music collection and are now in my kitchen and we have intensified the Disney movie watching as well.

We have been listening to them during dinners for a month now - and I have been impressed with the Disney knowledge my children already have (apparently becasue of my un-conscous neurotic behavior) - DS6's knowledge has amazed me and I am fulfilled with the tantalizing questions that he is bringing up in reference to the songs & movies they are from. He is challenging DD8 in her recollection of parts of said movies - who is singing - what part of the movie does the song come from and names of other characters in the flick.

I am a porud NDM!!!

I have been to WDW twice in my almost 39 years @ 18 and 20 years of age. My recollection is assisted by my photo albums and I have been waiting for almost 20 years to introduce my DH to the magic of the mouse. We were going for our honeymoon - but couldn't due to finances. Then came the kids and I wanted to wait for an age that they would remember - not a wisp of a memory but a true rememberence of this memorable occasion. I also wanted to make sure that DS6 could handle the extensive walking needed for this vacation. He tends to be clingy and cuddelly when tired - not a bad thing - don't get me wrong - but carrying a full 45+lbs of sweaty offspring is not what I nor DH think of when we think of a good time!

So for two years I knew we would be in WDW for Thanksgiving in 2009... I have been planning - itineraries, meals and other trip basics (okay - basics for me - details for others) for two full years!! Now it is 2009 - on my calendar is highlighted with mini-Mickey stickers to count down first each month - then each week and eventually a countdown of days until we leave MA to arrive in the happiest place on earth!!! The date for ADR's 180 days out (I received my calendar in NOV!) and now the correct date of 90 days out is highlighted and trimmed in more stickers!!!

So how did it come down to me changing EVERYTHING only two short weeks ago??? INSANITY - that's really the only reason that I can come up with.

To begin with the changes began months ago when I discovered the blogs and underground internet world of all things Disney. I was all set - we are staying at the All Star Movie resort - it was perfect for the ages of my children and their love for Disney Movies, until I began reading and realized POP would be better for bus transportation - YIKES! I changed all lists and spread sheets to note this change and moved on...

Back two weeks ago I again began reading some negative things about Disney on Thanksgiving and that weekend - oh no! Shifting gears we are now leaving MA on Thanksgiving and spending several days at my Aunt's house then beginning our Disney experience that weekend through the week into Dec. Better plan according to all I have polled!! And I have to agree after neurotically going over and over and over the basics (I mean details) in my head 🙂

Now I am trying to figure how to remove said stickers to only add more to fix my count down - and ADR dates - maybe I should just buy a new calendar??!!

I have again revised all my lists and spreadsheets with the new days and dates and am almost ready to make my reservations for our family trip - if only the economy will assist me in this endeavour!!

My current state is one of apprehension - what do I do if my husband or I loose our jobs?? Not becasue I am worried that my bills won't get paid - but that I might have to sacrifice my Disney vacation - AGAIN!! What if after all this time I still can't get there - it's too close for this not to work and I am sick to think that my family will be deprived again of this most important life experience!!

So I guess I am neurotic - and I am before you now in total realization of this fact and I have to say - I wouldn't change a thing about it!! Now to turn all my family members into NDP - it is a goal I can acheive and a mission I whole heartedly accept!

~ Denise

Dream... Wish... Believe...
I guess I was born into it, as was my daughter. When I was pregnant my dad flew back from WDW to Massachusetts with a 3 foot tall stuffed Pooh on his lap. I have pics of Pooh and I when I was little at WDW with my family.
I drove to Ft. Myers Fl with my day once to surprise my grandmother for her 70th birthday. My dad, uncle & cousin has a bit too much "fun" and decided that they wanted sober me to drive them to Hooters. When I said no, my dad offered to let us stop at Disney on the way home. But he lied.
After my grandmother passed away, she left us savings bonds. Within a few months mine were cashed in and I made my way to Disney. I did it as my way of honoring her. 16 years later and I still associate travel & Disney with her.
When I had my daughter I knew I had to grow up. At least a little. My daughter's first vacation was to WDW, and she's now been 6 or 7 times. Sad that I can't remember. And DL was an amazing trip, combined with Southern Cali.
I knew I should turn my passion into more, so I became a travel agent. I knew I wanted to specialize in Disney, so I contacted many agencies. The one who offered me the most, MouseEar Vacations, is one of the top Disney sellers in the country. I'm proud to be affiliated with them. I am so happy when I can get a client CRT, or California Grill on Valentines Day, or even just the resort they want.
In April 2008, we decided to go to Orlando and Tampa but no Disney. And I swore I was sticking to it. Until one of the last Pirate & Princess Parties was during our trip. So much for no Disney!
I would always show my daughter my "dream book"...Disney World Without Kids. I decided that for my 40th birthday I am spending it alone at Disney. But in June 2008 I was lucky enough to spend 5 nights at Disney for training with the College of Disney mom says my mouse ear cap and diploma mean more to me than my college ones do!
Disney, to me, is truly a way of life. I share my passion with others, and I know that I have brought others to the "Dark Side". It's a job, it's a passion, it's who I am!

NDM #60

Hey Back All70ofus! Your secret bank account sounds like a great way to get your trip taken care of! I almost spilled the beans though to DH the other night. I was putting finishing touches on our WDW planning calendar and DH noted the choices of restaurants I had listed. "Aren't there a lot of pricey dinners on your schedule?" I blurted out "well, I have..." and stopped as I realized I was about to tell him I have money set aside. Instead from somewhere I finished the sentence "...done a lot of research and as long as we stay within the middle range dollar wise on the menus and skip or share a dessert we'll be fine." "Cool", and as he walks away he says "I like that you have thought so much about it all" - I smile and type in Bold Letters dinner at California Grill!!
I am going to send DH's boss to Davey Jone's Locker!! So DH comes home the other day (my b'day of all days) and has a look that would put Eyeore to shame. DH looks at me and says "NDW#1...we have a slight problem with our travel plans for August" Pray tell...what would that problem be as my Malificent horns are rising. DH proceeds to tell me that he is no longer permitted to incorporate his two days off per week into his vacation. What does this mean? It means that we either have to leave late on 8/7 or change our ressie. Now I've turned into the fire breathing dragon and am ready to hunt DH's boss and breathe fire on him! The bargaining begins...mind you, we have another couple and their son traveling with us and they have some constraints as well. As I'm plotting my evil course of action, DH says "If I can work overtime, I will only have to work 4 hours on the day we leave from 6a-10a" Well, that is all fine and good except I was just entering our credit card for the 7:45am flight. DH says, well, try the other airport. Lucky for us...Airtran was running $172 round trip per person for our arrival and departure dates. If we take the noon flight, we'll still make it to Orlando by 2pm. This does not make me happy as I will have to replan our arrival day! DH, seeing the fire ready to blow, says "Well, I can sleep on the plane and everyone else will have slept in so if it's a late night, it will be ok." dare DH's boss mess with my perfectly planned WDW trip!!
Hey NDW#2

I had to laugh so hard when I saw your "confession" I came on here to post my latest confession, and it was the exact SAME thing!!!!!!!!! I just now opened a new bank account completely concealed from DH. My BIL is in the banking business, and is doing this on the sly for me. I definitely WON'T be telling DH, as he doesn't even know about my next trip! I figure, we live overseas, there are no, I mean NO, luxuries to spend any money on at all; no Starbucks, no fast food, no new clothes, NOTHING- so I figure, stashing away $60 a month until Sept, 2010 is perfectly fine, and it will cover a VERY nice trip with a girlfriend who's agreed to go with me.

Well - I am getting closer to my WDW calendar for our May trip. I have some money stashed away that DH doesn't know about....not sure I'm going to tell him about it or just spend it when we get to WDW.....I like having this secret, makes me feel a bit more powerful, is that the right word? Well, I'm sure I'll break down eventualy but right now it's really nice knowing there's more money to play with than he knows about - heh, heh, heh.
...when I worked at WDW, one of my jobs was merchandise at Fantasmic! It was my favorite job, by far. Every night, I would stand outside, rain or shine selling those annoying light toys. Toward the very end of the show, Guests would begin to leave (!!!) to avoid the mass crowds leaving (all part of the Disney experience, I think!!!). Most would ask if I got tired of watching the same show every night...quite the contrary, I would get tears in my eyes each and every night when Sorcerer Mickey made his appearance. Real. Choked Up. Tears. :0)
Michelle NDW#1
I must confess...DH and I had a large superbowl party this past Sunday. DH was in charge of cutting the veggies for the tray. While DH was cutting peppers, 3 of the peppers were nearly perfect Mickey heads. DH promptly stopped my work on the bloomin' onion to show me. I quickly grabbed them, admired DH's knife skills and ate them! Almost like being at our home away from home....almost!
Our DD6 redefines "picky eater." She will only take peanut butter sandwiches to school for lunch. I have always cut them into shapes for her to make the monotony of every day peanut butter a little more exciting. I bought a beautiful Mickey shaped cookie cutter on our last trip to WDW. Every sandwich since our trip has been cut into a Mickey-shaped sandwich! They make me smile, and I think DD6 likes them, too!!!
My confession is regarding my trip coming up this June to the World. For Christmas, my husband gave me a half day at the spa at WDW. I pretended to be excited, but in actuality, I am not thrilled. That would be precious time away from the parks. I might have to do my spa day at home, so I can enjoy more time enjoying the World.