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Welcome to THE CONFESSIONAL.  This is the place where you can divulge your deepest, darkest, most neurotic things you have done in times of Disney desperation.  Don’t be ashamed.  We’ve all had these moments.  Make yourself comfy in our confessional chair and tell us. What are the things you have done in order to get your Disney “fix”?

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I think I've finally figured out how to post, thanks JL for the nudge! I confess that I steal time away from work at maybe not appropriate times. But I can't help it, there are times when I absolutely need to look something up, or satidy my curiosity about something or i just want to browse and I am unable to wait until my lunch hour or until I get home. Sometimes I go online and look at stuff that I know hasn't changed, but I need to see it, read the words. Well, I guess I had better get back to wrk, shhhh - I'll sneak back later.
NDGM #6 Gerry
I am seriously considering telling my husband I am going to the gym and instead driving out to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL (we live in a southwest suburb of Chicago) to walk around the BLT mock-up in the DVC Doorway to Dreams.

More confessions to come: I am a Catholic NDGM, so that makes the guilt much worse! Thank you all so much, especially NDM #1 for starting all this. It's great to know I'm not alone in my Disney fantasies. On a lighter side, I am counting the days to our trip down to WDW on 4/30/09.
NDM #33
Oh my goodness!! What a horrible week! Living overseas has its drawbacks, and spotty utilities is certainly one of them. It's funny how much you depend on the internet, but don't realize it until it goes out. UGH! So, my first time back to my second favorite laughing places in over a week.

So to pass the time of not being able to hang out with my fellow NDP's (Peoples) I've had to completely re-do all the plans for my upcoming trip in Sept., 2010. Of course, way too many things have to line up for this to even happen, but I remain neurotically hopeful that with clever and devious planning it will become a reality.

Big news though... my very good friend has agreed to be my touring partner, and she has even started to tuck away the first necessary ingredient to a successful trip- MONEY!

Funny, but everytime I take that trip back to the drawing board, it ends up almost identical to the other ones tucked away into their strategic hiding places stashed around the house. You see, I haven't quite informed DH that this is in the works. But, I figure, since it doesn't include him going with me, I can wait for that.

So, down to only 19 months!!! I am in a completely stymied fluxom as to when it is "time" to start a PTR. I guess when I get down to a year out, I can do that, but oh the agony of waiting! When do my fellow NDMs start yours??

Well, peace my friends!

NDM #33
My husband has bribed me with DVC if I take the Bar and get a job.

Secretly, I only want a job so I can afford DVC.
Jaymie NDM#31
I watch videos of all the new parades at with my kids. Often I close my eyes and pretend I'm really there.
NDM #56
I have the 2hr Disney Modern Marvels on my DVR along with The Travel Channel's Samantha Brown's Disney Holiday Special, Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom, Disney Cruise Line, Disney on a Dime, The Vacation Club and Disney Splurge. I often just play them as you would the radio when I'm working around the house. (big sigh) Ahh…I feel so much better now 🙂 Thanks, D.L.
Megan NDA#1
My Disney obsession and love for the Mouse has allowed me to convince myself, that I am absolutely capable of completing a half marathon. The only real purpose of starting the half marathon is to convince everyone that I am worthy of another trip to WDW. The only reason for attempting to complete the half marathon is to have pictures of me running through Cinderella's castle.
NDM #25
Hello my name is NDM #25 and I plan imaginary trips to disney world. I've already started making the packing list for our trip in 2011 (did I mention I've redone the list 4 times). Whenever I've had a bad day I watch one (sometimes all three) planning DVDs.
Pam NDM #58
I started a new career because of my love of Disney, particularly the resorts! I am blessed to help others plan their next magical vacation!
NDM #61
Very few days go by that I do not get on and either price a trip or read over restaurant descriptions or look at attractions. The web site is experiencing some growing pains, so I can't quite find all the info I want. This only means that I spend twice as long looking -- which lately is a lot of fun!! Even though we have a trip booked to GF in May to celebrate my big 4-0, I keep on dreaming.....