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Welcome to THE CONFESSIONAL.  This is the place where you can divulge your deepest, darkest, most neurotic things you have done in times of Disney desperation.  Don’t be ashamed.  We’ve all had these moments.  Make yourself comfy in our confessional chair and tell us. What are the things you have done in order to get your Disney “fix”?

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NDM #35
Sometimes I listen to my daughter's princess CD in the car...while she's in school and I'm alone! Help!! (I've also taken a job to pay for Disney trips!)
...this one is just the beginning...I took a job at our local Disney Store and DREADED going into work. Hear me out, it is not as bad as it sounds...I worked for the Stores when they were owned/run by Disney and then worked at to come back and work in the same store, but a different environment was hard. It was not the Disney I was used to. I muddled through until Disney "bought back" the stores last summer and promptly closed all four St. Louis area stores. I was okay to spend the time with my family, heck...I only worked there for the merchandise discount and to save for our trips to WDW!!!
NDM #6
I've had my family watch the free Disney planning videos so many times, we know all of the hosts by name----like they are part of our family. We also critique the new planning DVDs. "Oh Mom, look, it's the same clip from last year's DVD, only now they've put it in the intro!"
I've also called the reservation line to price out trips we were not planning on taking...just in case! (the irony is that 2 of those times the prices were so good, that I talked my DH into taking the trip anyways!)
J.L. NDM#1
In my darkest moment of Disney desperation, I took a job for the sole purpose of paying for a DVC membership.