MARIA HANNON (Owner/Social Media Director)

Maria was born in New York but moved to Florida at a very young age.  She fell in love with Disney during the bicentennial year when her family made their first trip to Walt Disney World.  From that point on her family made biannual trips to celebrate all important occasions such as birthdays and holidays, and these trips became something that Maria always looked forward to.

Maria’s transition to a Neurotic Disney Person didn’t originate at a specific point in time.  Her obsessive behavior for incorporating the Disney brand into her lifestyle stems from her earliest memories of her Disney record collection, her Disney knick-knacks, her clothing choices and bedroom decor.  To this day she continues to bring this brand into her everyday life as well as the lives of her husband and six children.


LYNN WILTSE (blog administrator)

It was love at first sight for Lynn.  From the first moment she stepped foot in the Magic Kingdom she knew she’d found where she was meant to be.  Many trips have followed that first back in February 2008 and each trip brings new and exciting adventures with her three amazing kids and husband.  Lynn is also the owner of My Pixie Dust Diary.



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