Author: John G. (NDI#194)

After the overwhelming success of Disneyland, Walt Disney reflected on WED, the company he created to make his theme park dreams a reality: Click to h...

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You Have to Develop It

The hat is coming down. Soon. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the giant Sorcerer Mickey hat, enjoyed by some and hated by others, will be removed...

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When the hat comes down

It’s amazing the things you find once you stop looking. I ran into an Imagineer not too long ago. His name was Hunter and he was 4 years old. I ...

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A very special Imagineer

  At Walt Disney Imagineering, the sky’s the limit. There are never any problems, never disagreements, only happy Imagineers singing ItR...

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Nothin’ but blue skies

In a few days I’ll be headed to Walt Disney World (for the first time in waaay too long) and on this trip I’ll get to Dine with an Imagine...

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Imagineers gotta eat too

What do people see when they come into your home? What do they hear, smell and touch. What do they feel? Maybe there’s a pointed blue hat in the...

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